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Not All Pest Management Works: When To Call A Professional

Oliver Exterminating’s integrated pestfree365 program recognizes that pests need shelter, food, water, and a way of getting into your home in order to gain a foothold. If you deny pests like ants and mice those entry points, you’ll inevitably find fewer signs of infestations. However, many advertised DIY pest control strategies fall short of being able to reliably or effectively keep pests out of your home. If your at-home pest control techniques are falling short of total prevention, it’s time to call in the professionals at Rentokil, formerly Oliver Exterminating. We’ve laid out 4 important considerations to take in when deciding between sticking to your methods or bringing in expert exterminators. Read on to learn!

Some Considerations For DIY Pest Control

When you’re planning to conduct your own pest control, be sure to take our observations from our decades of service in San Juan PR into account:

  • Treat the Root Cause, Not Just the Symptoms: One of the main reasons why DIY pest control fails is that the person attempting to get rid of their infestation tackles the symptom of the issue rather than the source. For instance, if you only set traps and don’t inspect your property for cracks and holes, you might get rid of a few mice or rats, but your home will be just as likely to develop the same problem. It’s important to know where to look for vulnerabilities that spark pest infestation.
  • Pest Repellent Might Not Be Enough…or Even Work: Some people suggest that you use bay leaves, mint, or other easily obtainable remedies to repel pests from your home. While these are rumored to work, many people have come to us with complaints about their DIY remedies falling short. Essential oils are often proclaimed to be effective deterrents for pests ranging from mice to mosquitoes, but they will never live up to the power of a barrier treatment or bait station.
  • Ants and Other Small Pests… There Are Always More: The problem with dealing with ants, mosquitoes, termites, and other small insects is that their breeding sites or colonies must be wiped out in order to sufficiently deal with those of them that make it inside your home. The smaller the pest, the more inconspicuous their home can be. Additionally, without knowing where to look, you might miss the signs of a standing water site for mosquitoes or an underground ant colony.
  • Fabric Softener Sheets, Moth Balls, and More… Improvising: Some people claim that everyday items you might already have inside your home or are able to purchase easily at a store can take care of your pest problems. However, unless your product is specifically intended for the use of pest prevention, and even then applied with proper care and diligence, you will be unlikely to see the results that you want to.

Options For Professional Extermination In San Juan PR

If you are growing frustrated by your lack of success dealing with pests on your own, it’s time to contact your local exterminators. At Rentokil, formerly Oliver Exterminating, we have a deep understanding of all of the problems that homeowners face in the region. We provide holisitic inspections, full-service pest removal, and preventative maintenance options to help keep your home free from all kinds of pests all through the year. For a free quote, reach out today!

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