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  • Actual Size: Anywhere from 3-7 feet long.

  • Characteristics: Scaly skin, long tail, row of spines, razor-sharp teeth, usually green in color.


  • Spend most time in rainforests and tropical climates. Often found in trees.


  • Iguanas are mostly herbivores and feed on leaves and flowers.
  • Often live near water and are capable swimmers
  • Known to detach their tails if caught and can grow a replacement.

Iguanas In Puerto Rico

Iguanas are known for their stocky bodies and spines that protrude. They can live up to 15 or 20 years. For the most part, these animals are herbivores that feed on plant matter and flowers. They also have been known to feed on worms or crickets. The green iguana is the longest species and can grow to be 7 feet in length and up to 30 pounds. They are very commonly seen near water and in trees.

Iguana Habitat

Iguanas are most common in tropical, humid environments. As cold-blooded creatures, they prefer warmer climates. They are commonly found in rainforests throughout the carribean, Mexico, and right here in Puerto Rico. Iguanas are tree dwellers and often found in the canopy section. They occasionally drop to the ground for feeding purposes or to escape a predator. They can survive a fall of 40 feet, and often splash down into bodies of water.

Iguana Behaviors, Threats Or Dangers

Iguanas are not considered to be very dangerous toward humans. They are not typically aggressive. However, male iguanas in the wild can become territorial and protective of their environment. They are solitary and thus are usually seen alone. The main concern with iguanas is the structural damage they can cause. Here in San Juan, they have been seen digging tunnels that damage pavement and the foundation of buildings. Some can also carry bacteria that is harmful.

If you have spotted iguana activity in or on your property, always contact a professional wildlife control expert for help.


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