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Mosquito And Tick-Borne Diseases: 4 Ways To Keep Your Family Safe

When you think of pests that pass on diseases to humans, mosquitoes and ticks are the two that come to mind first. Unfortunately, we end up dealing with both of them every summer here in the San Juan PR area. In tropical and subtropical climates like ours, bites from ticks and mosquitoes are more likely to result in serious illnesses than in other regions.

It’s important to stay educated on the ways that you can avoid vector-borne diseases every summer. Read on for the top tips on mosquito and tick control from our team of pest control experts at Rentokil, formerly Oliver Exterminating.

What Diseases Do Mosquitoes And Ticks Transmit?

Ticks and mosquitoes have been documented to pass on a long list of diseases to humans that they bite. Some of the most formidable include:

  • Malaria
  • Lyme disease
  • Zika virus
  • Spotted fever
  • Tularemia
  • Dengue
  • Yellow fever

Most of these diseases will subside on their own almost every time, but some, like malaria and Lyme disease, can potentially be deadly if untreated in severe cases. If you are experiencing a fever, rash, lightheadedness, or nausea that you think might be related to a mosquito or tick bite, talk to your doctor.

How To Stay Safe From Mosquitoes And Ticks

There are a variety of strategies that you can use to protect yourself from mosquitoes and ticks. Here are four ways to stay safe this summer:

  1. Bug spray: An EPA-approved insect repellent will discourage ticks and mosquitoes from biting you. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before using.
  2. Long-sleeved clothing: Exposed skin is an open invitation for blood-sucking pests to have a free meal. Although it can be inconvenient in the summer, wearing long sleeves will help keep you safe from bites.
  3. Stay safe inside: When spending time indoors, keep your doors and windows closed or install screens. After a prolonged period outdoors, make sure to check yourself, your family members, and your pets for ticks.
  4. Professional pest control: If you’re experiencing a high volume of ticks or mosquitoes on your property, a technician can come out to assess the source of your issue and develop a plan to help you avoid pests going forward.

Mosquito And Tick Control In San Juan PR

For help dealing with either mosquitoes or ticks, you can rely on your local pest control company. At Rentokil, formerly Oliver Exterminating, we train our technicians to use mosquito barrier treatments, efficient exclusion efforts, and holistic inspection techniques to eliminate any pest outbreak that comes your way. Reach out today for a free quote!

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