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How To Keep The Mosquitoes And Ticks Away

Mosquitoes and ticks are common pests that San Juan PR residents deal with in the summer. Any time you’re outdoors during the warmer months, you’re at risk of a bite. With mosquitoes taking to the air and hanging by the water and ticks inhabiting the more densely vegetated areas, it seems like we can’t get away from blood-sucking pests.

Both of these pests are also difficult to keep away. There isn’t one step that takes care of both completely. In fact, lasting mosquito and tick prevention takes adherence to routines and mindfulness. Read on for our experts’ best advice on preventing mosquitoes and ticks this summer.

Best Ways To Prevent Mosquitoes

There are many methods of mosquito prevention that work, but using one without the others won’t result in much change. True mosquito prevention takes multiple forms – you should try:

  • Getting rid of standing water: Cover pools and spas when not in use, and clear standing water from gutters, planters, playsets, buckets, or anywhere else it has collected in your yard.
  • Using insect repellent: EPA-approved bug sprays and citronella candles can both work to keep mosquitoes from biting you.
  • Installing mosquito prevention equipment: Mosquito nets and fans can both be used to physically block mosquitoes from coming close to your home.
  • Getting a barrier treatment: Sometimes DIY mosquito control is not enough. Your local pest control company will be able to prevent mosquitoes with long-lasting spray treatments.

How To Avoid Ticks In San Juan PR

Ticks can be a bit trickier to take preventative measures against. Like with mosquitoes, keeping your yard organized and clear of any clutter or overgrown foliage can eliminate places that they can take shelter.

Ticks can latch on to us and go undetected for many hours due to the anesthetic properties of the saliva that they inject into us. This makes it important to check for ticks on yourself or your pets after spending extended periods of time outdoors. Especially when walking your dogs in areas with tall grass or lots of trees, be sure to perform a tick check afterward. If you do find one, make sure to remove it safely.

Professional Pest Control For Mosquitoes And Ticks

If you have been working to avoid ticks and mosquitoes to no avail, it might be time to contact your local extermination companyThe experts at Rentokil, formerly Oliver Exterminating, can take care of your specific pest outbreak with unique and exhaustive treatments tailored to your needs. For a free estimate, contact us today!

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