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3 Ways To Prevent Pests In Your Home

Pests are a fact of life here in Puerto Rico. That doesn’t mean they need to get inside your homes. Mosquitoes especially are infamous for invading properties this time of year. To avoid dealing with mosquitoes, stinging insects, roaches, and other pests throughout the year, it’s important to learn what you can do to keep them out. The experts at Rentokil know you want to live in a home without the worry or frustration of pests. We’ve gathered our top tips to keep mosquitoes and other pests out—for good.

Top Tips To Prevent Pests Year-Round

1. Keep A Clean Home To Deter Pests

Indoors and outdoors, mosquitoes love to make their homes in damp, dark places. Indoors, these places can include underneath sinks, leaky utility closets, and underneath appliances such as washing machines. Be sure to make these places a part of your regular maintenance routine and don’t neglect to give them a quick cleaning. Mosquitoes aren’t the only pests that like to hide in areas like these, centipedes and woodlice also love these spots!

2. Keep Doors And Windows Shut And Install Screens

Many pests, including mosquitoes and stinging insects, get into your home because of open or improperly sealed doors. Be sure to keep doors closed during the summer months when it can be tempting to leave them open. Inspect your doors to ensure that they are sealed when closed, with no gaps that leave room for pests to sneak through. Hardware stores sell plenty of simple solutions that homeowners can utilize to be sure their doors are sealed tight. In addition, consider installing tight-fitting screens on your windows to keep insects out.

3. Get Help From A Pest Control Expert

If you’ve done all you can to prevent pests in the home but still are dealing with infestations, it’s time to enlist the help of a pest control professional. We’ve been in business since 1956 and understand mosquito control better than anyone in Puerto Rico. Whether you’re looking to safeguard your home against an infestation or you’re currently battling an active infestation, Oliver Exterminating has the resources you need to enjoy truly pest-free living.

Pest-Free In Puerto Rico

These are just three ways you can increase your mosquito control measures and help to ensure that your home stays pest-free this summer. Keeping your home clean from top to bottom is one of the easiest ways you can ensure that your home doesn’t become a safe haven for pests. If you’re ready to learn what professional pest management can do for you, contact the residential pest control experts at Rentokil.

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