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No Free Rides! 10 Tips To Keep Bed Bugs Away From Your Guests

Managers of hotels, motels, and apartment complexes can’t tolerate “freeloaders” taking up valuable space that could be generating income. And that’s especially true if those very same “guests” getting a free ride are driving away your paying guests!

Well, that’s exactly what bed bugs do. Preventing a bed bug infestation and eliminating a bed bug problem you may already have should, therefore, be top priorities for your business. At Oliver Exterminating, our professionals are trained in top notch bed bug removal.

Tips For Preventing A Bed Bug Infestation

You can’t afford to wait until your guests start reporting getting bit before taking action against bed bugs. There is no choice but to be proactive, focusing on prevention and already having a plan of action in place should a bed bug problem even be suspected.

Here are five bed bug removal tips for keeping bed bugs away from your property and away from your guests:

1. Carefully inspect any new furniture (in all the cracks and crevices) before adding to a room’s decor. Bed bugs are not only freeloaders but also “hitchhikers.” You can’t help if they come in on guests’ suitcases, but let that be the only possible way in.

2. Cover all mattresses and box springs with plastic. A tough, rightly sized encasement will resist tearing and keep bed bugs from getting a foothold in their namesake location.

3. Isolate each unit to curb bed bug “migrations.” Put in door sweeps, seal cracks along floor/ceiling trim with caulk, and use outlet covers to keep bed bugs from moving room to room through the walls.

4. Use round, ridged plastic “monitors” under the feet of each bed. These ingenious little devices are very simple, but they keep many bed bugs from getting to a mattress by guarding the only locations where floor and bed are in contact.

5. Vacuum rooms thoroughly and frequently, especially right after a guest has occupied the room. Vacuum mattresses, box springs, floors, where carpet meets wall, and in and around wood furniture. Then immediately dispose of the vacuum bag in an outdoor garbage can.

Tips For Effective Bed Bug Removal

Far better to prevent bed bugs from intruding into your premises to begin with, but that is not always possible. There has been a resurgence of bed bugs in recent years, and they have a knack for finding ways to travel.

Here are five key tips for effective bed bug removal:

1. Thoroughly inspect the mattress. You need to look for dark feces spots at mattress seams, look inside the box spring, and dismantle the bed to check each part individually. Look inside crevices in wooden bed frames, and have a vacuum handy.

2. Inspect the entire room. Bed bugs don’t always live in the bed. You need to scour the carpet, the trim boards, all furniture pieces, lamp shades, everything in the entire room.

3. Use a steam machine to kill bed bugs and their eggs. Steam is a very effective way to rid a mattress of bed bugs, but you have to get into all the seams and crevices.

4. Stack a sealed mattress on an infested one to “starve out” the bed bugs. This method takes up to a full year to work, but bed bugs will eventually die if they can’t get out and feed.

5. Use insecticides specially designed to target bed bugs. You may need to call on professional pest management to safely administer and effectively apply the right kind of pesticide.

Contact The Professionals

Many of the tactics mentioned above can be done in-house, but some of them might be difficult for “amateurs.” Professional bed bug removal professionals like those at Oliver Exterminating will know how to do everything listed above and more.

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