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Bed bug control

Rentokil Israel provides professional bed bug control and bed bug treatments for your home and business. Bed bug bites leave red, itchy bumps that cause much distress. They feed on human blood and are often found near beds, furniture and curtains. Our homes, hotels, childcare, and healthcare facilities are at risk from bed bug infestations.

Unfortunately, an infestation can happen quickly as an adult female bed bug lays an average of 5 eggs per day. If left uncontrolled, a bed bug infestation can be costly, stressful, and time-consuming. For businesses, an infestation can impact a company’s reputation.

Rentokil’s environmentally friendly and safe bed bug treatments provide you with peace of mind. Treatment options may include residual spraying and steam treatments that target bed bugs in all their life stages - including adult bed bugs, larvae, and eggs. Our pest control technicians are trained to detect early signs of bed bugs, eliminate infestations, and prevent recurrences.

Prevent pests from entering your home or business

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Bed bug infestation signs

  1. Dark/black stains - on the mattress and surrounding area from bed bug excreta.
  2. Sweet scent - an unpleasant, sweet, sickly scent.
  3. Small dark spots - small dark blood spots on bedding known as 'faecal pellets'.
  4. Live insects - despite being small (adults are only 4-5mm long) it’s possible to spot live bed bugs and shed skins.
  5. Blood spots - on the sheets or mattress.

Pest risk assessment

We carry out a comprehensive survey of your sites to assess existing pest problems, future risks, and health and safety hazards specific to your business environment.

  • On-site pest review and consultancy
  • Professional pest prevention advice and recommendations

Tailored pest control solutions

We work with you to develop an integrated pest management program, bespoke to your business needs.

  • Certified service technicians will provide targeted pest treatment and preventative measures
  • In-depth, industry-specific legislation expertise ensures audit compliance
  • Account management tools to schedule treatments and receive instant updates

National account management

We provide a tailored review process to ensure services are efficient, effective and continually compliant

  • Single point of contact
  • Central reporting across the entire business estate
  • Comprehensive reports and recommendations to support third-party audits
  • Priority access to market-leading pest technologies and innovations
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How to prevent bed bugs

There are some steps you can take to ensure bed bugs don’t follow you home, especially if you are a frequent traveller.

When you reach the hotel:

  • Before you check out your hotel room's minibar or oceanfront view, give it a thorough bed bug inspection, and until you've done that, stash your luggage in the bathroom.
  • Check your bed first before you enjoy the view: pull back the linens, and check all the way around and under the mattress and behind the headboard. Look for blood stains or small black dots that look like mould or ground pepper, keep a lookout for these signs.
  • Keep luggage off the ground and wrap suitcases in plastic.  Do not leave suitcases and bags on the floor or spare bed. Bed bugs can travel (from) room to room. For the duration of your trip, keep your bags on the desktop, on top of the dresser, or a luggage rack in the room. (Don't leave clothing lying out, either!) For extra protection, keep your suitcase encased in plastic during your trip.

In your home

If you are worried you have brought bed bugs back home after your travels, there are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of them spreading to your home:

  • Leave your luggage in your garage or the bathroom. Bed bugs don’t like tiles or concrete and if they are present you will see them easier than on carpet!
  • Remove clothes immediately once you reach home and wash/ dry clothes at the highest possible temperatures.
  • Put your suitcase/ luggage in the sun, away from the house for a couple of days, to help eradicate any bed bugs.
  • Vacuuming can greatly reduce the size of the bed bug population, but only when they’re clearly visible. It cannot guarantee total elimination. (Empty and clean the vacuum to avoid transferring eggs to other rooms.)

Treatment by a professional pest controller is always the best solution to get rid of bed bugs.

In your hotel or dorm

With the number of guests moving in and out of your hotel or dorm rooms, it is impossible to completely deter bed bugs. However, there are ways you can avoid an infestation taking hold with early detection:

  • Train your staff on how to identify common signs of bed bugs.
  • Ensure thorough checking for bed bugs is written into your room cleaning processes.
  • Have a procedure in place for handling bed bug complaints.
  • Inspect adjacent rooms to identify if the bed bugs have spread (although Rentokil will do this as part of our emergency response survey).
  • Immediately contact Rentokil to arrange a thorough inspection and bed bug control program.

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