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Specialist Disinfection

Rentokil Initial Specialist Disinfection is a professional service uniquely designed to target disease-causing bacteria and viruses to achieve a higher level of hygiene in premises where there is a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19. All objects and surfaces that come in contact with suspected or confirmed should be considered potentially contaminated and must be handled with utmost precaution and care.  Specialist Disinfection Service comes with an enhanced disinfection procedure which aims at limiting the survival of SARS Cov2 in environments, thereby slowing down the transmission and spread of the virus within facilities and across communities.

Differentiated with expertise, Rentokil Initial's methods of disinfections provide reassurance that potentially harmful and hazardous situations are dealt with in a safe, discreet, and legally compliant manner. With guaranteed peace of mind, Specialist Disinfection Service is only performed and carefully carried out by technicians equipped with hazardous material and bio-hazard safety training to ensure that disease-causing bacteria and viruses are contained properly and effectively. To ensure you, the public and the environment’s safety, we adhere to the following increased measures:

  • Restrictions on the people permitted to conduct this work
  • Increased levels of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Disinfectants, applied strictly and according to the product label instructions.
  • Equipment and methods to apply the disinfectant.

Tailored Solution

Specialist Disinfection service demands increased measures and precautions due to the potential risk of Coronavirus being present, be it an office environment, vehicle, materials handling or your own home. Rentokil wants to help you protect those you care about. Therefore, full program with the following fundamental steps is required:

  • Spraying - Spraying -  Direct disinfectant application on surfaces, directly targets harmful pathogens on surfaces

  • Wiping - Wiping - Careful application of disinfectant on sensitive, frequently touched surfaces to significantly reduce microbial load

  • Misting - Misting - Effectively disperses disinfectant in the air, covering large surface areas as well as to hard-to-reach corners

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