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Bat Deterrent Solutions

How to bat proof your home

Bat prevention (blocking openings) is key to keeping bats away from your property. Here are some helpful tips to prevent bats from finding their way inside your roof, attic, and other indoor spaces:

  • Look for any potential access points in roofing, for example, the ends of the ridge cap and gaps between guttering and flashing.  Keep in mind that some bats can fit through spaces as small as 0.3cm (1/8 in.)
  • Fix roof repairs and remove any other areas bats might use to roost during the daylight hours.
  • Bats do not understand the difference between human structures and caves.  They merely seek openings that appear to them like caves, cracks, or rock overhangs.  The best bat prevention, therefore, is to build and repair human structures with local bats in mind.  

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