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Annual Termite Inspection

Once you get termites, you never want them to return.

Rentokil Steritech is an expert in providing year-round termite protection and offer a termite warranty. We provide regular inspections and provide methods of removing termites and prevent their return.

Termites make their meals out of wood in order to digest the cellulose. They create huge colonies that can build slowly and steadily over the years and become quite large.

As termites are very secretive, elusive creatures, it is quite common for customers to be unaware that a termite infestation has inflicted extensive damage to their home or commercial building.

For more information about our annual termite inspection service, call Rentokil Steritech at 1-800-837-5520.

Why Did Termites Choose Your Home?

There are some common elements that attract termites. Learn them here.

What Is an Annual Termite Inspection?

An annual termite inspection means that we provide yearly inspections of basements, crawl spaces, attics and other wood structures around your property. We are constantly trained to find termites wherever they might hide and recommend preventative treatments to our customers. Here's what we do:

  • We arrive when we say. We know that scheduling an appointment with a termite control inspector from Rentokil Steritech means setting aside time in your busy schedule. We make sure to show up on time and maintain clear communication with our customers.
  • We meet with you. Keeping your property termite-free is a collaborative effort between the inspector and the customer. We will ask you questions that will help us provide the best termite treatment possible. We want to know if you spotted any termites or wood damage. We rely on you to provide information to target the treatments to get rid of the termites and protect your home going forward.
  • We inspect the entire property. We service businesses and homes, anything that has wooden structures. We look all over, the basements, crawl spaces, attics and anywhere that has wood. We know exactly where to effectively treat your buildings.
  • We're careful. We make sure not to cause any damage to your property and buildings. We use coverings on our feet, wear gloves and do all we can to protect your home.
  • We provide solutions. After completing an inspection, we may recommend a variety of solutions including termite baiting and monitoring treatments or fumigation. We also advise you on what you can do around your home to prevent further infestations.
  • We follow up Depending on what we find and the treatments we use, we will determine how often to follow up and do further inspections. If we find an infestation, we may need to schedule a series of visits quickly to eliminate the termites.

Species of Termites

Termites are a problem across the country. Learn how to spot them.

How Annual Termite Inspections Work

Once you get termite treatment with a Rentokil Steritech termite control specialist we start the process of making sure that the infestation is gone and stays gone.

Our Termite Warranty is there to provide you with the assurance that there will be no return termite infestation. If we find more termites we will provide you with a solution.

Keep Your Home Termite Free

Annual termite inspections ensure that your property stays termite-free. An effective termite inspection should only be done by highly trained and licensed termite inspectors and Technicians.

For more information about our annual termite inspection service, call Rentokil Steritech at 1-800-837-5520.

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