Multi Rodent Trap Connect

Multi Rodent Trap Connect

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Multi Rodent Trap Connect

Rentokil's Multi Rodent Trap Connect is an innovative, wireless electronic monitoring system designed to enhance your interior rodent protection program. Actively alerting to activity and capturing mice, Multi Rodent Trap Connect's sensors enable remote monitoring and protection by Rentokil, ensuring you are always in control of pest concerns.

  • Continuous 24/7, year-round protection against mice intrusion
  • Instant alerts
  • Effective and immediate containment and communication
  • Reduced contamination risk
  • In-depth reporting with easy-to-access data
  • Exact time and date stamp for audit compliance records
  • Online trend and analysis data includes interactive maps, charts, and analytical tools
  • 24 - 72-hour response from your Pest Specialist

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