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Pest control redesigned

Less disruptive. More responsive. More effective. PestConnect.

PestConnect is our portfolio of remote, digital monitoring devices with proprietary sensor technology. These connected devices leverage the power of the Internet to alert Rentokil at the first sign of rodent activity, triggering a rapid response to your immediate problem. With this technology, we have blended integrated pest management with technology to provide faster problem resolution, increased efficacy, and ultimately, reduced disruption to your business. PestConnect provides solutions that are tailored to meet the ever-changing needs of today's businesses through products that actively monitor, detect, and contain rodents inside and on the exterior of your facility.

Ineffective pest control costs your business — poor online reviews, shutdowns, negative media coverage, canceled contracts, unhappy customers, your reputation...but it doesn't have to be that way. Rentokil’s PestConnect is the solution.

In a post-coronavirus shutdown world, businesses are now dealing with reduced resources, restricted access and contact, and empty spaces. A lack of finances and manpower along with structural, sanitation, and storage issues can allow pest infestations to persist unnoticed.

Your pest problems aren’t waiting until your next regularly scheduled service to arise, so why wait that long to take action? Get around-the-clock protection with PestConnect.

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Components of the PestConnect portfolio

Proven technology, trusted partner

Since the launch of PestConnect, we've continued honing and perfecting the technology. To date, we’ve deployed over 172,000 PestConnect devices at 6,400 locations all across the world. Now, in the age of coronavirus, we're well-positioned to help business customers of any size meet the incredible new challenges posed by the global pandemic.

Aligning with your unique facility plans and goals, PestConnect devices create a record of rodent activity at your site, send real-time alerts for immediate response, and give you the data to generate needed reports and trends through our proprietary PestNetOnline data management system. Over time, this data allows us to refine and optimize your program — meaning less disruption and cost for you.

By tapping into the power of this connected technology, PestConnect provides the following advantages to protect your business:

24/7 monitoring

Real-time alerts

Targeted response

Data & trending

Third-party audit compliant

Reduced contact for hygiene & safety

Secure system

Present in 26 countries


Optimization over time

Your business doesn't stay the same, and neither should your pest program. Over time, by utilizing data from your routine services and the data from your PestConnect devices, we can begin to optimize your program. If your risk increases, we can increase the use of PestConnect devices - if it decreases, we revert to standard stations or remove devices altogether. The result is a more effective program for your business.


Seamless integration

A program with PestConnect doesn’t deviate much from your current one– we just replace devices in high-risk areas with PestConnect devices. Our routine visits are run with the same level of service you've always had, but if any activity happens between services, a local Rentokil office is alerted right away. PestNetOnline then uses the data to track the time and place of specific issues, helping identify solutions.



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