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Lumnia: Lighting the way in fly control

Your business needs fly control.

With over 120,000 species of flies worldwide, flies are considered pests due to the health and contamination risks they pose to humans, pets, livestock and goods. A small fly problem left uncontrolled has the potential to develop into a severe infestation in a matter of weeks as some fly species are able to mature from eggs to adults in just seven days.

In order to minimize contamination risk, it’s imperative that businesses take proactive steps with deterrent measures to help avoid costly treatments or contamination.

That’s why Rentokil has developed the future of UV fly lights. Lumnia, Rentokil’s revolutionary Insect Light Trap, offers a truly effective solution to monitor and control flying insects, protecting your business and the welfare of your customers and employees.

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Lumnia UV Fly Trap

About Lumnia

The Lumnia range uses Rentokil’s unique glue boards to capture and kill flying insects quickly and efficiently. These insect light traps are suitable for a range of internal environments where flies are not welcome, as well as a wide variety of industries with specific requirements for highly effective fly control.

Unlike conventional devices, Lumnia brings peace of mind through proven efficacy and performance. These indoor light traps reduce the risk of contamination from flying
insects and the fragmentation or blow out of dead insects whilst using LED technology. There’s no catch tray, no mess and no more fly problem.

  • Effective solution at a lower cost - High attraction output LED lamps are optimized to catch more flies while also reducing power consumption at your facility. The Lumnia insect light trap can save up to 61% of energy compared to equivalent competitors.

  • Optimized for attraction and catch rate - Lumnia is proven best in class and is the first LED unit that genuinely works. Versatile, modern designs to suit your location Lumnia‚Äôs proven performance reduces contamination risks and protects your reputation. The range consists of four  high-performing units of a modern, seamless design, while offering lower glare from LEDs and reduced visibility of caught flies Units also switch between Monitor and Control
    modes to suit customer and location requirements.

  • Environmentally friendly - The units have several energy modes that will adapt to day and night, reducing consumption and contributing to a lower environmental footprint. The low energy LED lamps have a three-year life span and use less energy to run than a standard insect light trap.



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