Green Pest Control

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Green pest control

Rentokil is committed to green pest control, which means we only use chemicals such as pesticide when absolutely necessary. It means taking a holistic approach to pest removal that looks for the source of the problem and providing a solution before anything is used to eliminate the infestation.

Rentokil pest control services are Green Pro Certified through the National Pest Management Association. We use a technique that finds the real problem and targets solutions that are friendly to the environment, using organic methods to rid residential and commercial property of pests.

Green pest control principles

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We have developed principles that guide us in our pest control and pest removal service.

  • We inspect - searching your property to look for what could be causing pests to choose your home.

  • We eliminate access points - providing solutions to stop pests from coming back.

  • We monitor - one of the keys is to find trouble signs and take care of them before things get serious.

  • We use the right materials - using traps and bait to reduce the use of chemicals is important. We use this technique often on pests such as termites.

  • We use pesticides selectively - sometimes there's no other recourse, but we always turn to chemicals as a last resort. We make sure to use just enough to get the job done.

  • We get rid of pests - developing heat treatments, vacuuming and steam methods to physically remove the pests so that our prevention methods can take over from there.

Green pest control is about more than treatments

Rentokil is committed to helping the environment by thinking about the impact of anything and everything we do. The impact to your family and your property, but also to the surrounding community.

Our Integrated Pest Management service looks at pest control as something to prevent, not just respond to. We eliminate access points, finding solutions that work for you, and ensuring your home is pest free with minimal impact to the environment.

Rentokil green pest control is a partnership

Part of our environmentally friendly and organic approach involves open communication with you. We need you to provide us with information that allows us to determine what pest is the problem and come up with the solution that works best for you.

We are more than pest control removal experts, we advise you throughout the year about what you can do to stop pests from becoming a problem.

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