GFSI global food safety conference 2017

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GFSI global food safety conference 2017

Rentokil Initial, parent company of Rentokil, is proud to be a Diamond sponsor of the GFSI Global Food Safety Conference 2017.

Themed Leadership for Growth, Innovation, Networking & Efficiency, the conference takes place in Houston, Texas from February 27th to March 2nd, 2017, and will bring together over 1,000 leading food safety professionals from over 50 countries.

Read more about the showcase of Rentokil's Expertise in Food Safety at GFSI Global Food Safety Conference 2017!

Global food safety initiative

The Global Food Safety Initiative provides thought leadership and guidance on food safety management along the entire supply chain. Every year, experts from retail, manufacturing, food service industries, governments and service providers meet at the Global Food Safety Conference to share knowledge and promote collaborative approaches to managing food safety.

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Mitigating risk in the food supply chain

Against a backdrop of fast-paced developments in technology and an ever-changing global environment, the food industry is under increasing pressure to meet growing food safety demands. Rentokil Steritech supports food businesses globally by harnessing innovation and expertise, and delivering technology-enabled service solutions to achieve audit compliance and mitigate risk through the supply chain worldwide.

Breaking new ground for the future of food safety

By 2020, it is forecast that 20.8 billion connected devices with sensors that monitor, measure, record and report on environmental and behavioral factors will be in use worldwide (Gartner, 2015). The benefits of this technology on food safety are far-reaching, enabling organizations to introduce boundary conditions and trigger alerts when control conditions fall outside prescribed limits.

At Rentokil Steritech, our market leading online reporting system - PestNetOnline - allows customers to manage pest control activities 24/7. We're now developing an innovative wireless connect system - PestConnect - that uses sensor technology to keep watch over your premises at all times. The outputs from this system, together with our observations and recommendations, will be available through PestNetOnline and offer integrated reporting and analysis.

When this data is aggregated, analyzed and combined with other public sources of information, we can generate valuable new insights that reveal new ways to improve food safety.



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