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The PestConnect portfolio

Despite your best efforts to keep them out, mice can still find ways to sneak into your facility. Once inside, mice can quickly spread, damaging stored products and inventory, creating contamination risks through droppings and spreading potentially dangerous pathogens wherever they go.

In addition to posing contamination concerns, a single rodent incursion in the wrong area can result in the loss of millions of dollars in investments, recalls, regulatory shutdown, or health authority involvement. Such missteps, recalls, and errors quickly find their way into TV, newspaper, and social media headlines, drawing negative and brand-damaging publicity.

Businesses require solutions and fast action to be taken in the event of a pest infestation. The products in Rentokil's PestConnect portfolio are innovative solutions designed to enhance your internal and external rodent protection programs.

Introducing the PestConnect portfolio

Tailored to meet the increasing needs of today's businesses, Rentokil's PestConnect range of solutions actively monitors, detects, and contains rodents inside and on the exterior of your facility. Our internet-connected devices feature leading sensor technology to keep watch over your premise all day, every day.

PestConnect products are deployed to align with your unique facility plans and goals. These devices create a record of rodent activity at your site, send real-time alerts for immediate response, and give you the data to generate needed reports and trends.

Learn more about PestConnect

PestConnect utilizes wireless, infrared technology to keep watch over customer premises all day, every day. 

Continual monitoring allows for the immediate capture, containment and communication of the rodent issues as they arise. 

PestConnect combined with Rentokil's proprietary online data management system, PestNetOnline, gives you absolute transparency of your pest control program. 

PestConnect delivers real time updates to PestNetOnline, recording the exact place, date and time of activity. 

PestNetOnline provides detailed trend analysis, recommendations, interactive maps, charts & analytic tools to support client needs. 

Improved compliance with real time reporting, trends and analysis with PestNetOnline, providing additional assurance to third party auditors. 

Integration with PestNetOnline

Rentokil specialist shows PestNetOnline to customer

With device real-time online reporting, Rentokil's PestConnect portfolio fully integrates with PestNetOnline, Rentokil’s online pest management system.  

PestNetOnline gives you complete pest control service transparency, providing secure access to all of the data you need to make decisions. Available 24/7 from any device, PestNetOnline lets you easily access pest and service activity while offering a myriad of value-added information such as recommendations, priority status updates, multi-site capabilities, trend analyses, customized reporting to support audit requirements, and electronic logbooks.

This integration allows your PestConnect System to deliver an immediate status of pest incidents, a full audit trail, and in-depth reporting and analytics for both internal and external assessments. Access to this up-to-the-minute data enables Rentokil to deliver constant improvements and comprehensive recommendations to ensure you’re protected from pest contamination.



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