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Clean manufacturing

A cleanroom in the manufacturing industry means a room that cannot afford even one pest inside of it. Pests that get inside cleanrooms and clean manufacturing facilities can completely invalidate work, cause damage to products and cost huge amounts in lost work and profits. Cleanrooms must remain spotless to be effective. 

Rentokil technicians are experts in using approach that makes sure make sure businesses that require cleanrooms can rest easy and not worry about pest issues. We use the latest technology and products to completely eliminate pest infestations at manufacturing facilities. 

Not only do we remove the infestation, we implement methods and educate employees to ensure that no further infestations occur. Plus, our pest prevention programs ensure compliance with your cGMP and quality standards, removing the threat of airborne contaminants. 

When your manufacturing facility truly needs a clean and pest-free environment, call on the experts you can only find at Rentokil. We do not settle for anything less than zero pests in your cleanroom environments. 

For a free consultation about our cleanroom services call us at 1-800-837-5520 or use our online contact form to schedule an appointment.

Disinfection for clean manufacturing

Besides our pest control services for manufacturing facilities, Rentokil offers a disinfection service for commercial properties to help them manage the effects of the coronavirus.

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