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Our opportunities

We look for people who fit with our company values and culture. Our company has a long service tenure and we want people to build a successful career with us. Among the many opportunities, these are some of the positions most commonly available:

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Service Specialists

No two days are ever the same for our Service Specialists! Our Specialists & Installers are our main customer contacts and directly build customer relationships. At Rentokil North America, we recognize that our frontline colleagues are the face of our business, so we focus on recruiting people who we believe will succeed, and training them properly to provide the world-class service required. 

Rentokil North America strives to deliver world-class customer service to ensure we build strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers. We always put the customer’s wishes first providing they are safe. During our peak season, we may require our technicians to work on weekends, public holidays, and overtime. For pest control, peak season is the summer; and for interior landscaping, holiday decorating installation and removal, winter is the peak season.

You will be part of a large team, but for the majority of the time, you will be working independently to provide pest management services to our clients at residential and commercial locations. Many of the visits you will carry out are planned or routine calls on your route, but sometimes a customer could have an emergency, for which rapid response is required. Additional opportunities are available to learn about our lines of business—bed bug, termite, bioremediation (drain line services), bird management, fumigation and vegetation management. Peak season for pest control is generally May-September.

You will be involved in improving the quality of experience for people working in offices, hotels and shopping centers by enriching the environment. You will be a part of a team, but will work independently a majority of your day-to-day time.

Installers specialize in delivery of plant materials and blooming arrangements, making sure they are securely planted and placed according to the designer's plan. Plant Care Specialists visit their regular customers, often on a weekly basis, to care for their plants and containers, including cleaning replica plants occasionally! They may also specialize in green wall care or the Premium Scenting mechanisms and programming. People in these positions usually have daily routes and get to know their regular customers. Of course, during holiday decor season (October-January), everyone pitches in (often overnight) to create stunning displays to delight customers and their visitors.

You will conduct assessments for customers, which measure conformity to established regulatory, industry, and proprietary brand standards for clients.

Specialists make sure our hotel, restaurant, and grocery clients meet their own brand and industry standards, to deliver quality food and friendly service to their customers. These Specialists will observe food preparation and cooking to ensure food safety, health, and sanitation practices.

Using what they observe, Specialist partner with customers to address root causes of assessment discrepancies and develop corrective action plans. They help teach customers how to make their workplace a safer and healthier environment.

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Our Sales colleagues are crucial to the continued growth of our business, building trusting relationships with our customers to drive Rentokil North America forward. As a sales colleague, you will learn our products and services thoroughly, so you will be able to devise programs and designs that ensure customers' needs are met. We have various sales teams within the company; from outside sales to business development to inside sales to regional and national sales teams.

When you first join Rentokil North America, you will complete an induction program where you will be trained to be an expert in our lines of businesses. You will build up your knowledge on our products, services and our organization. Some of this training will be face to face but we also have our online university where you can refresh your knowledge on our products or your selling skills at any time!

Sales primary purpose is to sell our Services and Products to prospects professionally, profitably and ethically. Some of our sales colleagues work primarily on their phones and through face-to-face interaction. Sales colleagues cold-call and prospect for new business opportunities. You will be the first point of contact for our customers and clients and want to make a lasting impression.

We offer sales training programs such as Cornerstone sales process and U+ community. Our training will prepare you to be even more effective in your sales efforts. Our training programs serve as consultative sales approach, and is unlike anything else taught in the pest management industry.

Our training uses a holistic approach to determine and validate a prospect's buying motives and their company's business objectives, aligning those with our company's uniqueness, and setting requirements with the customer.

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Customer Service

We are passionate about delivering excellent customer service! Our focus is always on the customer, and our teams work together to serve the customer and exceed their expectations. Often our customers are with us for years, so our customer service agents (who are the main point of contact) will often build relationships with them! Due to the wide range of customers, you will be faced with a variety of calls on a daily basis with no two days the same.

You will be constantly busy answering incoming telephone calls and emails to satisfy customers' needs. While talking to customers, you will make sure records are accurate and you can help identify and solve customer issues while talking to each customer. At times, these calls are from distressed customers, so you will need to use your natural empathy and compassion. Even on a bad day, you will remain courteous and knowledgeable, and find ways to diffuse potentially emotional situations, in order to break the customer's issue down into calm, actionable tasks. Then you will start the ball rolling to correct issues and communicate with the field.

Our customer service teams across the world are expected to be up-to-date with all of our latest products and services. During peak seasons, we may require Customer Service Representatives to work on weekends, public holidays, and overtime.

When you first join Rentokil, you will complete an induction training program that is about five weeks long. During this time, you will learn everything you need to know to provide that world class customer service and how to work our systems! Training will be face-to-face as well as scheduling and information system so you feel comfortable talking to customers over the phone.

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RAMP (Rentokil Accelerated Management Program)

We are extremely proud of our legacy of excellence and constantly work to enhance the value and impact of our services and colleagues. We look for eager, motivated management trainees to join our growing organization. Trainees are given the unique opportunity to gain the knowledge and experience, required for potential promotion to management positions, under direction of experienced colleagues.

The District Manager is counted on to provide a realistic view of what’s happening in the district and what might happen particularly in those areas, and have a hands on impact with our customers and our coworkers development.

The District Manager Leadership Program Manager develops the Rentokil Accelerated Management Program (RAMP) Trainee’s duties to meet the Pest, Ambius and Brand Standards business need for fully functional and well rounded future District Managers. You will have an internal and external customer focus in every aspect of the training. While you are in this program you will positively impact business quality and performance, while gaining cross-functional experience and knowledge via a variety of rotational training program experiences and roles.

As a Management Trainee, you’ll start learning our business from day one. RAMP is an 18 to 24 month internal leadership development program. The trainee will spend approximately six to eight months with our Pest brand and related lines of business and three to five months with Ambius and Brand Standards to gain exposure to Rentokil North America’s three core businesses.

While in training you will interact, network, and collaborate with regional and national leaders and a senior level mentor, as well as be be provided with navigational and peer support with existing high performing District Managers and high performing, experienced colleagues. During training you will work closely with, and be under the direct supervision of, the District Manager.