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As we tread lightly into 2021, most of us are feeling hopeful, yet apprehensive about the months ahead. COVID-19 cases are still running rampant in most of the United States, but the prospect of wide-spread vaccine distribution provides a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.

Last year, businesses in almost every industry had to adjust and adapt their protocols and operations to meet the constantly changing health and safety guidelines. This year, they will have to put all of that into practice with new safety measures, reconfigured spaces, and maybe even a change in how they do business.

Employee confidence

Many employees are worried about their health and safety – especially those working for essential businesses that do not have the luxury of working from home.

A recent Workforce Pulse survey found that nearly half of the workforce feels forced to choose between their health and safety and their job. For essential workers that number is even higher with 52% feeling they must compromise their personal safety to remain employed.

statistic about teacher confidence during the pandemic

To ensure their health comes first, employees now expect:

  • increased cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection
  • stricter wellness policies
  • flexible work from home options
  • phase out open office plans
  • increased health benefits for COVID-19
  • and much more

Consumer assurance 

Like employees, consumers need assurance that the businesses they are frequenting are safe and sanitary places. For example, only 32% of consumers say they are comfortable going to a shopping mall (Morning Consult, January 2021). 

With a decrease in the number of people going out to eat and shopping in-person at retail stores, business owners have to go above and beyond to reduce fears and maintain the trust of their patrons. Consumers now expect things such as hand sanitizer or wipes for disinfection, enforced social distancing measures, and masks worn by all staff, among other provisions.

statistic about consumer confidence during the pandemic

Many supermarkets and retail stores have already taken steps to protect their patrons such as installing dividers at cash registers and closing fitting rooms. Food service establishments are installing barriers between restaurant tables, enforcing strict capacity limits, and in some cases, relying more heavily on takeout operations. 

Precautionary measures like the ones mentioned above are likely to remain the standard across industries. Therefore, it is imperative that companies develop a strong health and safety plan now, before consumers take their business elsewhere. 

Get a fresh start with Rentokil

Operating under our global mission to “Protect People and Enhance Lives”, Rentokil North America seeks to provide companies in every business with a fresh start in 2021. From disinfection services to pest control, our team of experts is committed to protecting your building and its people from harmful pests and pathogens that threaten the livelihood of your business.

statistic about CEO concerns during the pandemic

Rentokil knows that an insect or rodent issue in your business can greatly impact product safety, customer experience, employee morale, and your overall operations – an interruption you cannot afford after the turbulence of last year. Our highly-trained experts take an integrated pest management approach to your pest problems, using trusted best practices and field-tested protocols to create pest-free environments. 

We provide solutions that take an innovative approach to pest control including PestConnect, our connected rodent control technology, and our bed bug services that feature our proven PROTECT+ system.

The Rentokil family of brands

Rentokil, alongside our child brands Ambius and Steritech, can help you solve any challenges that come your way this year. We provide a comprehensive range of full-service solutions designed to help companies run safer, smarter, and healthier businesses. 

Whether it’s air purification services for your office space or a COVID-19 protocol assessment to verify that COVID-19 measures are in place and being consistently followed across your locations, our family of brands has you covered.

Rentokil Fresh Start

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