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Rentokil streamlines national account branding


2020 has arrived and with it all the promise and anticipation of a new decade. With the arrival of the new year, Rentokil, the third-largest pest control firm in North America, is pleased to announce an update to the branding of its National Accounts Pest Control operations, currently known as Rentokil Steritech. Beginning on January 22, 2020, this brand will be streamlined to simply Rentokil.

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This branding change is being made for two primary reasons:

  1. The Rentokil name is recognized around the world as a leading service provider to businesses and homeowners in 70 countries. As a result, this update will better serve customers and align with the company’s global parent by ensuring that the national and multinational accounts that we service are commonly branded as Rentokil.
  2. The streamlined brand will clearly differentiate between the company’s national account pest control services and those offered by Steritech, Rentokil North America’s food safety and service excellence assessment firm.

“Our streamlined branding will help our customers and the market easily identify Rentokil as the premier provider of pest control services across North America, as well as around the globe,” said John Myers, President and CEO of Rentokil North America, the parent company for Rentokil. “We look forward to continuing to provide all of our customers with the world-class pest control service experience and innovative products they’ve come to expect from us under the new, simplified Rentokil brand.”

As part of the branding change, the company will transition its website to in the United States; however, the same helpful information will remain available. To ensure a consistent experience, customers that visit the previous website will be redirected to mirrored pages on the updated website.

Customers will receive communications advising them of the streamlined branding. This change does not impact any customer services or service contact information; however, customers may notice slight changes in the logo used on their documentation, billing, Specialist uniforms, and vehicles.

Customers with questions should contact their account manager or call 877-764-0007 for further assistance.


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