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Seagull control

Seagulls such as Herring gulls and Black-backed gulls have become well adapted to living in our coastal towns and cities.

If your business is located near to the coast, your property may be at greater risk of a problem with gulls and effective seagull control may be necessary for protection.

Many modern buildings with flat roofs and straight sides are similar to the sort of cliffs these seagulls are used to nesting on in the wild.

The modern urban environment offers the gulls easy living with landfill sites, street litter near bars and restaurants and household garbage providing an abundant and easy food source.

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Seagull control for your business

Our bird deterrent solutions offer professional services for seagull control, removing problems swiftly with minimal fuss.

Potential Harm from Seagulls
The close association of seagulls and people can lead to the spread of bird-transmitted diseases. As gulls feed from polluted sources such as garbage dumps and bring germs directly to public areas in towns and cities.

  • Disease – seagulls are known to spread diseases like Salmonella
  • Aggressive birds – seagulls can become very territorial and aggressive towards people, when they are rearing their young.

Risks to your business

Seagulls can cause problems scavenging for food all year round, but particularly during the summer months when mating and rearing their young, which is when they could be a greater problem for your business.

  • Financial loss - your business may lose customers, who could be put off from entering your store due to the presence of these pest birds

  • Health hazard - seagulls are known to spread disease, which could impact your co-workers if the problem is left unresolved

  • Droppings - if people get too close to their nesting sites, seagulls will often defecate and vomit on people to protect their young chicks

  • Cleaning costs - maintenance and cleaning costs could be very high for a business to cover if there is a big problem with droppings on your property

This makes effective seagull control vital to protecting your property, co-workers and members of the public.

Steps to take for seagull control

There are a wide range of bird proofing methods which can help to protect your business from seagulls.

Preventing defacement of buildings due to nesting and roosting will reduce maintenance and cleaning costs. Noise, smell and the risk of infection will also be eliminated, improving the overall health and safety of your business.

  • Removal of food sources - ensure lids are kept secure on bins and trash bags are not left in the open (as gulls can rip open trash bags easily).

  • Removal of attractive nesting sites - in an urban area is an effective way to help prevent a seagull problem in the first place.

  • Bird netting – nets are available in various sizes to prevent roosting on your property.

  • Overhead grid systems - these stainless steel wires are strategically installed in a checkerboard pattern over ponds, pools, rooftops and courtyard areas of your property.

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