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Ant Control

Ants are highly socialized and organized six-legged insects that form colonies. They are found on every single continent and part of the world except for Antarctica. They are also common pests for businesses, farmers, landowners, and homeowners across the globe. This is why starting with the right type of ant control services is critical for a long term solution.

Ants have been around for millions of years, are very adaptable, hardy and hard to kill. They also work together as a group, which makes them perfect for the work they do. Ant colonies can number anywhere from a few hundred to millions upon millions! Each ant has a specific job: queen, soldier, worker or drone, but they can all unite to defend the colony, swarming over attackers.

Ants are known for being strong. A single ant can carry objects much larger than its own size. Some ants can survive even if parts of their bodies are damaged and some have been known to last for weeks without food or water.

Ant Fact: A colony of argentine ants was found to be related to colonies in Japan, the United States and in Europe, creating a global mega-colony. The U.S. colony was in California and over 500 miles long.

Does Your Home Have Ants?

Learn to spot the signs

Preventing Ants

Find out how to stop ants from coming back

Removing Ants

Ants are hard to get rid of, but here are some removal methods

Ants as Pests

Ants are industrious and breed fast. That's why a few ants found in the kitchen can quickly become an infestation. Their size means they can get into almost anything from closets, pantries, cupboards and into food and food containers. Ants leave behind chemical trails that attract more ants, and soon you have lines of ants walking through your kitchen.

Ants are pests because they:

  • Damage property - This is particularly true of carpenter ants that bore into wood and weaken wooden structures.

  • Bite or sting - In the case of Red Imported Fire Ant, this can be a particular danger. Fire ants have spread across the country, including northern areas and can inflict painful stings. The FDA estimates that people spend as much as $5 billion on medical treatments and property and crop damage done by red fire ants. Fire ants are known for their aggression, will attack quickly and their stings can be life threatening, particularly to those allergic to stings.

  • General nuisance - There's just nothing attractive about having ants all over your home. It is perceived as unclean and humans tend to have a natural aversion to insects.

Know Your Ant Species

There are thousands of different species of ant. What kind does your home have?

Your Ant Questions Answered

Do you have questions about ants and ant control? Find the answers you need here.

Types of Ants

At Rentokil Steritech we know how to get rid of ants. We are experts in finding nests, removing the infestation and creating barriers to prevent them from returning. Some of the most common ants we deal with are:

Whatever species of ant you might have, we have methods to remove them. Call Rentokil Steritech at 1-800-837-5520 to talk to an expert about ant control or contact us online.

Ant Control and Treatment Solutions

The type of ant that is invading your home, the location of their trails, the type of structure they are infesting and the needs of your family and pets all factor into the types of treatments or ant control experts recommend.

We strive to find the source of the infestation, eliminate the colony using a variety of methods, and then help you seal up entrances and find ways to prevent further infestations. We'll help you get rid of ants and keep them away.

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