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About Rentokil

We represent the North American division of Rentokil Initial plc, one of the largest business services companies in the world — operating in 83 countries. Rentokil North America includes a portfolio of brands that provide expert service to both residential and commercial facilities. All of our brands work together to help you create safer, healthier environments that protect your people and your business from risk. 

This expanded organization increases national coverage, provides faster response times, and now offers an even broader range of solutions including disinfection, air filtration, and food safety services.

Our approach focuses on a Technician/customer partnership to ensure the highest quality pest control service. Our suite of services includes comprehensive pest management solutions featuring termite and bed bug inspections, vegetation management, bird management, and more.

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Our services

Rentokil is a full-service pest control company serving commercial customers from a wide range of business sectors. With a national network of Specialists located across the United States, Rentokil offers customers local expertise and innovative solutions. Check out our service offerings below:

National accounts

Our national accounts program caters to businesses with multiple locations, helping them develop the most efficient and cost-effective pest management solution.

Benefits include:

  • Savings of time and convenience with our one source solution for all of your pest management needs
  • Protection of your brand and reputation
  • Dedicated account program management team for consistent and responsive service
  • Complimentary property and program risk assessment
  • Access to our technical department’s support and expertise

Safety and environmental responsibility

At Rentokil, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our local communities, local businesses and the environment. We only use chemicals when absolutely necessary, taking a holistic approach to pest removal that looks for the source of the problem and provides a solution before anything is used to eliminate the infestation.

Our mission is to enable the right people to do the right things in the right way. A safe, healthy environment will always be our first priority and there can be no compromise on this. That is why we've developed a full range of good practice guidelines to ensure everyone goes home safe at the end of their working day. Learn more about Rentokil's health and safety policies.

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