Rentokil Launches New Bed Bug Offering to Limit Downtime and Offer Ongoing Protection


READING, Penn.‚Äč (Jan. 4, 2021) -- It is nearly impossible to prevent bed bugs from being introduced to public areas such as hotel rooms, schools and healthcare facilities as the small insects hitchhike and can travel from place to place. If the situation is not addressed quickly, businesses face reputation and operations problems. Rentokil, the global leader in pest control, launched a new bed bug offering to provide rapid response and resolution to bed bug issues in hours, rather than days. 

The PROTECT+ System uses a proprietary mix of targeted service protocols, precise applications and specialized, environmentally responsible products to eliminate bed bugs and provide ongoing protection. The service, which is backed by an industry-leading warranty, also offers a four-hour post-treatment turnaround time, getting employees and customers back to business quickly. 

“Bed bugs cause disturbances across various industries, such as education, healthcare and hospitality,” said John Myers, Rentokil President and CEO. “We developed the PROTECT+ System to be a smarter, faster way to protect people as well as preserve a business’ reputation. We want to get businesses back up and running as quickly as possible, reducing disruption and revenue loss as well as providing peace of mind that the bed bug issue is resolved.” 

Once the Rentokil response team is alerted to a potential outbreak, the bed bug specialists will tackle the issue by physically removing any visible bed bugs, making residual control applications to harborages and activity zones and ensuring ongoing protection for any remaining pests in hiding. The combination of products, which are environmentally responsible, offers the ability to combat bed bug resistance, which will reduce the chance of future bed bug problems. It will also ensure bed bugs carry the product to their harborage, transferring it to their bed bug populations and extending future protection. 

“A female bed bug can lay between 200 and 500 eggs in her lifetime,” said Myers. “Having a comprehensive bed bug plan will help eliminate the present bed bugs as well as protect for the future. Rentokil offers the industry’s best warranty to provide added protection to keep businesses running smoothly.”

As each business is unique, Rentokil offers three tiers of service for the best coverage for each property. Protect+ Essential, Extended and Premium packages offer varying levels of service, with each option including same day or 24-hour treatment response, treatment to all units with activity and an industry-leading warranty ranging from 30 days to unlimited inspections and retreatments. 

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ABOUT RENTOKIL In fast-paced businesses, there's no room for pests. Rentokil believes in protecting brands and their customers by minimizing pest disruptions to business. The company's highly-trained experts leverage an integrated pest management approach, honed best practices and field-tested protocols to create pest-free environments. 

Rentokil is part of Rentokil North America, which provides commercial and residential pest control to customers in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. The comprehensive pest management solutions include general pest control; mosquito, termite and bed bug inspections and service; vegetation management; bird management; and fumigations. 

In addition, Rentokil North America operates business services companies including Ambius, specializing in hand, air and surface hygiene solutions with Hygiene360 as well as interior landscaping and scenting; Steritech, offering food safety and operational assessments; SOLitude Lake Management, providing lake and pond solutions; and Vector Disease Control International, which serves governments and municipalities with mosquito control services. 

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