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Did you know that termites can devalue your property by more than 25%?

Termite infestation can lead to costly repairs and mounting frustration if it remains untreated. Furthermore, severe termite infestations in your home may also lead to injuries, or in extreme cases, death when the house collapses. A lots of houses in Bangkok and in Thailand still have no cleared answer of how to get rid of termite correctly, or what is the most effective termite treatment. While there are many types of termites, the termites you should look out for are the subterranean termites which are also known as Coptotermes. They feed on any cellulose-based materials such as woods, making your property their ideal meal. They are capable of destroying an entire wooden door frame in just 2 weeks, which makes termite control treatment more important than ever.

Looking to get rid of termites?
As a leader of termite and pest control in Bangkok and Thailand, Rentokil offers one of the best termite control solutions to all your problems. Moreover, we also provide termite service to protect your properties for both pre-construction and post-construction so you can rest assured that your properties are well set up to be free from termites. No matter where your house is, we are ready to service all across the country.

Found signs of termite activities in your premises?
Early detection of termite infestaton can reduce property damage and minimise the potential risk of your property collapsing. Whether you have a preexisting termite problem or just want to protect your place from possible invaders, you will only want the most experienced and professional termite control company to quickly and effectively restore your sense of comfort and safety. In order to provide our customers with effective termite treatment, our service technicians are provided with continuous training programmes to ensure that their pest knowledge is up-to-date.

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Termite control package starts at 14,990 Baht and gets FREE ant & cockroach control.

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Fast and effective termite control service

At Rentokil, we provide a wide range of termite control options that are tailored specifically for your particular needs.

Pre-construction Termite Control Solutions

If you have a plan to build your own house or building, having a right termite control service at the beginning is a right start. No one wants to spend a lot of money solving termite or pest problem, or even renovation. Rentokil's experts will guide you to the effective and long-lasting termite control programme.

The piping system will be placed around the foundations of the home and act as a termite barrier. To maintain the protection, we recommend to top up liquid termiticide in the piping system every one or three years.

The termiticide will be sprayed all over the build-in area prior to the laying of lean concrete or floor-slab concrete. This treatment will create a layer between soil and construction which can protect your building as well as eliminate the existing termite colony under the area.

Post-construction Termite Control Solutions

The termite services for post construction will focus both houses that already have termite problem and houses that need protection.

Rentokil’s termite control treatment plan uses a proven successful method with the application of liquid termiticide. Termite control chemicals will be sprayed into underground pipes to ward off termites that are notorious for destroying your home from the inside out. If you do not have a piping system installed, our technicians can identify the right spots to inject chemicals around your property with minimal damage. This termite treatment is useful for both treating an existing problem or as a repellent, so that termites stay away.

This baiting system is a holistic termite treatment that uses unobtrusive monitoring stations placed discreetly around the premises. Our termite experts will routinely monitor these termite stations for termite activity and when detected, the baiting will be added to the system. The highly palatable bait contains an active termite control ingredient that inhibits termite growth. When the bait is shared and spread, it will gradually affect the termite colony until it can no longer support itself and collapses. A whole colony of termites can be eradicated within 45-90 days depending on its size.

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If you suspect that your home is already infested with termites, rule number one is Don’t Panic. Our termite and pest control team in Bangkok and around Thailand will handle the infestation for you. With our Action 2/24, we will respond to your enquiries within 2 hours or first thing in the next working day, and ensure actions are taken within 24 hours.

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