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Surface & Air Disinfection

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Protecting yourself and others by taking precautions seriously during COVID-19 pandemic is the best way to reduce chances of infection. As we are educated that wearing face mask, washing hands after touching things and keeping physicle distancing are precautions we must do on daily basis.

During the pandemic everybody wears face mask to avoid getting infected through airborne transmission from human to human. Despite, preventing to get infected unexpectly from things or surfaces is also a must. As we know that the viruses can stay on surfaces for hours or days. So, if we accidently touch our faces, mouths or noses, it means we create a chance to get infected.

Rentokil can blow this headache problem away for you with our Surface & Air Disinfection service. Our disinfection service.


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How do I prevent virus and bacterial infection from spreading?

Our surface and air disinfection service has been designed to be an effective treatment which offers peace of mind to an estabishment for infection control.

However, for those who prefer to have a hygienic living or working environment, this disinfectant service can be introduced to your premises routinely to safe keep you and the people you care about. When there’s less microbes present, there is a reduced likelihood of cross infection.

Rentokil Surface & Air Disinfection uses a unique formulation with a powerful composition that surpasses all the other disinfectants and human virus. In terms of efficacy, it has been proven highly effective, including airborne and viral diseases such as Avian Influenza (H5N1), Influenza A (H1N1) virus and Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease.

Rentokil Surface & Air Disinfection with its holistic approach involves a thorough surface wipe-down using air disinfection service at possible contact areas within the premises, followed by a space disinfection to complete the whole process. Your premises gets sanitised and protected in one hour.

Rentokil Thailand offers a range of disinfection services. Find out more.

Rentokil's service during COVID-19 pandemic.

To combat the current COVID-19 situation, we offer a wide range of solutions that fits all your needs.

Why do you need Rentokil Surface & Air Disinfection?

When searching for a service provide we recommend you to be sure that the service provider you are interested has positive reputations from their clients, the equipments, the chemical/non-chemical products they use as well as the technicians.

For Rentokil, we can promise you in all our services with our gaurantees and reputations. Over 36 years we have protected properties from pests across Thailand, we can assure you that our technicians are highly trained and certified pest controllers. Also, our innovative and unique treatments will resolve pest problems effectively.

The prepration for air disinfectant service?

Step 1: Evacuation of people and pets (if any) from the area of treatment. This is a routine precaution.

Step 2: Rentokil highly trained service technician with proper equipment will commence surface sanitisation with thorough wiping of all high-contact areas such as table surfaces, door knobs, filing cabinet handles, chair armrest, keyboards, mouse, electrical switches and phones with the disinfectant solution.

Step 3: Before the space sanitisation takes place, customer are advised to cover all electrical appliances and the ventilation systems will be shut off. Space sanitization using the solution in the form of misting will commence after that to deliver disinfectant particles at hard-to-reach corners, wall and floor surfaces.

Step 4: The enclosed treatment area will be exposed to the disinfectant solution for a minimum duration of one hour before the ventilation process takes place.

With our hygeine olution that is certified for its safety (non-alcohol, non-hazardous chemical residues) and efficient with air infection control. Call our toll free line at at 02 290 8500, 1800 225 226 or send us an enquiry here.

Why use the COVID-19 disinfection service? From Rentokil?

If you search for a disinfection company or spray to kill COVID-19 You will see that there are many companies in Bangkok. and across the country But if you decide to choe one company. We would like you to consider the features.

  1. the credibility of the service company Choosing to use a company that specializes in disinfection will help you get a good and efficient service.
  2. Equipment and reagents/chemicals used to disinfect Availability and performance of equipment and chemicals will vary from company to company. Choosing services from companies that have reagents or chemicals that meet international standards will increase confidence in the quality of the service.
  3. service staff Should be employees who have been trained by the company. Expertise in the use of chemicals and disinfectants Able to explain details or provide information to customers.

At Rentokil, we are trusted by customers all over the country. Working in accordance with international standards for more than 38 years, we have a team of developers and scientists who create technologies and innovations for hygiene care. The reagents and chemicals we use are developed and produced by the company. This enables us to test and control the quality.

Your preparation for receiving the COVID-19 disinfection service

Please follow the instructions below. for safety and to achieve maximum efficiency in receiving the COVID-19 disinfection service

Preparation before receiving the disinfection service

  • Turn off ventilation, fans, and air conditioners. Including removing all power plugs.
  • Cover electrical appliances with plastic sheets.
  • Keep food away from the service area.
  • while the officer was performing the service People and pets must be evacuated from the area. (Do not allow people or pets to enter the service area)

Actions after disinfection

  • After disinfection, please close the doors and windows for at least 1 hour to allow the solution to take full effect. and achieve maximum efficiency
  • After the time has elapsed, open doors and windows for at least 15 minutes of ventilation before returning to the area.
  • Equipment used in contact with food such as kitchen utensils, plates, bowls, spoons, pans, etc. must be cleaned.

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