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10 Things ensuring our service during COVID-19 | Rentokil Thailand

In these difficult times, we will like to reassure you that Rentokil Initial Thailand is working hard to continue to provide you with the essential Pest Control and Hygiene services we know you rely on to keep your business, staff and customers protected.

We, like you, are managing a rapidly evolving and very challenging global situation; all of our attention is currently focused on keeping our staff safe and able to operate to deliver services to you. Clearly, continuing the provision of services is more difficult in some provinces than others. Please be assured that we are working with the local authorities to ensure we are able to continue our essential services even in countries currently in ‘lock-down’.

It is our intention to keep you updated on how we are managing the COVID-19 situation. In terms of ensuring our employees’ safety:

Personal Protective Equipment

All staffs are equipped and well trained to wear personal protective equipment on site all the times to protect against health or safety risks.

Daily Health Check

All staffs are required to undergo mandatory body temperature taking at least daily with closely monitored health check status report.

Personal Hygiene

All staffs are well trained on personal hygiene and required to wear masks.

Social Distance Policy

Implement social distancing for back-office staff as a precautionary to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Self Quarantine

Any staffs who have returned from an area where COVID-19 is spreading or have COVID-19 symptoms, will be issued a 14-day stay-home notice immediately.

Frequently cleaning

Frequently clean and sanitize the germ hotspots area i.e. door knobs, railings and all public rooms.

Hand sanitisers

are installed throughout offices and in our vehicles i.e. lobby, in front of washroom and etc.

Weekly Disinfection

and deep cleaning in the offices with daily disinfection of service vehicles.

No Treatment Service

has been taken regarding announcement of COVID-19 infected area from the Ministry of Public Health.

Internal Communication

Frequent communication and education about COVID-19 through the company's channels.