Why Rentokil

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For over 38 years we have protected properties from pests across Thailand

All our technicians are highly trained and certified pest controllers

Innovative and unique treatments that resolve pest problems effectively

Our Technical Expertise

Like all service businesses, Rentokil is only as good as our people. Therefore, we’ve kept the team updated through different sets of development training including working conditions that are conducive for learnings. By far it is widely acknowledged that our team has extensive experience in dealing with the needs of all types of business and home. You’ll be assured that the team will try their best to work as closely with you to achieve your business objectives or to protect your loved ones.

Services & Treatments

Our Research & Development team are at the forefront in staying one jump ahead of highly evolving pests especially in the urban areas. This is done through continuous study and also understanding of what customers in Thailand are facing. When food processing and other industrial and manufacturing companies came to us with highly specific requirements, we developed an extensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) that employs smart technology, smart thinking and new techniques to provide the requisite protection.

Rentokil Pest Control Service Technicians

Rentokil Thailand has over 250 Service Technicians nationwide, so there is always a technician nearby when a pest control service is needed. They are experienced & trained technicians. 

Our Service Technicians employed by Rentokil are medically certified – physically healthy and free from disease and drug addiction. Our technicians are periodically provided with continuous training programmes, they are closely monitored and coached by experienced supervisors to ensure the best quality of services and to ensure that their pest knowledge is up-to-date. 

As the front lines of Rentokil, they are responsible to implement treatments at your premises and continuously ensure that the pest control solutions provided are effective in eradicating pests. 

Here are why our Service Technicians are capable of protecting your home and businesses from pest invasions:

Comprehensive Training

ไอคอน การอบรม

Comprehensive Training

They are given a wide scope of comprehensive trainings and kept well informed with the latest pest control treatments, which enable them to deploy the correct pest control methods.

Pest Behaviour

ไอคอน พฤติกรรม

Pest Behaviour

Their understanding of pest behaviours allows them to identify pest vulnerabilities, which helps them to provide customers with proactive recommendations to minimise the risk of pest infestation.

Safety, Health and the Environment (SHE) Policies

ไอคอน สุขภาพ ความปลอดภัย

Health and Safety Policies

All our Service Technicians comply with Safety, Health and the Environment (SHE) policy, which enables them to provide customers with safe pest eradication practice.

Service Supervisors

Our Service Supervisors are a part of our dedicated team that strive to provide you with the best service quality. All Service Supervisors have exceptional knowledge in the pest control industry and have gone through extensive training in the company and pest control association. They will continually review service productivity rates and consistently seek improvements in all areas of the Service Department.

Field Biologists

Rentokil has Field Biologists working across Thailand and they support the work of our Service Technicians by carrying out inspections on customer premises that include in–depth examinations and analysis of your production processes and pest risks.

All Rentokil Field Biologists working across Thailand hold degrees in appropriate subjects including entomology and have also received extensive in–company training in various aspects of pest control. As experts, they carry out in-depth examinations and analysis of your production processes and pest risks, identify the root of any pest problem you may be experiencing and making highly practical recommendations to deal with the situation.

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