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Top 10 trending blogs on pest control

Rentokil has shared various educational and useful information pertaining to pest control, useful tips and debugging various pest myths. In this article, we share the top ten high trending blog articles that majority are most interested in finding out more.

Smart control method leveraging mosquito behaviour

Mosquitoes are known to be the deadly pest causing dengue fever but also one of the most challenging pest to control. This is because of its immunity resistance, reproduction and environment. Mosquito control methods including fogging and larviciding are widely used to get rid of mosquitoes, however there is an innovation to combat the dengue cases in Singapore. Find out in this article on placing the In2care Mosquito Trap at strategic locations that can control both adult populations while preventing the mosquito breeding from taking place.

Getting rid of rats with peppermint oil

The trap and cheese concept is perhaps the most recalled rat control method we have seen on movies and online. However, to deal with intelligent pests that have amazing hiding and sensing capabilities, many other pest myths are adopted. This includes deterring and repelling rats by diffusing and dispersing scents of peppermint oil at rat activities spaces. This pest myth proves to be ineffective in tricking rats more than once, relocating them for a short time while not eliminating the root source of the rat infestation. To deal with this challenge more effectively, consider utilising digital rodent control solution that detects rat presence while optimising the control rate.

There are over seven different types of pest poops

While poops are largely similar and common in colour and stench, but in fact different pests excrete some difference in their poops. This is also one way to detect signs of pest infestation by identifying their dropping presence. Cockroach droppings are dark in colour and look like coffee beans. Termite excrete frass that resembles sawdust that are often mistaken for poor housekeeping. Finally, the mouse produces pellets with pointed tips and is different to those of rats that is pointed at both ends and larger in size of half inch.

Where do lizards lay their eggs?

Considered a “friendly” and “harmless” pest, yet many households cringe the minute they encounter lizards. Where exactly do they lay their eggs and how can we detect them better to avoid stress and fear in living with lizards in your home. Firstly, check the basement where there is moist, clutter and dark environment for lizards to rest and nest. Secondly, look into the cabinets located under the sink where pipes can potentially leak causing water presence to attract lizards. Finally, bookshelves and cupboards are another popular nesting haunt where there are less predators monitoring them.

Is lemongrass an effective mosquito repellent?

Everyone is stepping up mosquito prevention efforts in addressing the increase in dengue clusters in Singapore. Repellents and patches are often used especially at outdoors for morning exercises or alfresco breakfast. The Citronella ingredient derails the scents that mosquitoes rely on navigation and tracking. Among the many efficient capabilities that mosquitoes possess, one of which is their incredible navigating senses comprising vision, olfactory and thermal sensor to detect heat and smell to locate hosts. Thus, we need to adopt an integrated mosquito control to eliminate mozzies at all life stages to protect ourselves from contracting the harmful disease.

Debugged Blog Top 10 Trending Blogs on Pest Control Mosquito Facts

Learn the interesting facts about mosquitoes you should know.

Are those tiny black dots booklice?

Do you often see tiny black dots that look like dirt or droppings on the walls in your home? Yet, we are unable to make up what they are and how they end up creeping in our homes, especially spaces with books. Booklice is one of the least common known pests however; they do appear in most homes due to the humidity level that allows moisture, mould and mildew to develop. Particularly, booklice starts to infest and rest on wall tiles in poorly-ventilated and humid bathrooms.

Using pandan leaves to get rid of cockroaches

Ever been in homes or taking a car ride and notice familiar and warming scents coming from pandan leaves. Who may have thought a food ingredient to enhance the aroma is also used as a pest deterrent against cockroach infestation. While there might be lacking scientific evidence or facts behind active ingredients in pandan leaf to control cockroaches, the repelling effect is little to none in terms of cockroach prevention. In addition, it requires specific dosage, application methods and proper ingredients as a means of cockroach control. Finally, these leaves could potentially become a food source.

Is that an ant or termite nest?

The difference between ants and termites is often queried. This is because of its similarity in their size, outlook, shape, wings, waist and association with wood. Firstly, look at the appearance of the nest if it resembles a hill or works by termites forming a straight tube line. Secondly, consider the composition matters where ants build their nests with dirt and soil and termites utilise their dirt, saliva and faeces. Finally, observe the pest species presence in the home. That could give an indicator if you are experiencing an ant problem or a termite infestation. Above all, with this clear differentiation, you are then able to determine which pest solutions to go for in eradicating the problem.

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Seven ways to deal with cockroach infestation

Cockroaches are strong survivors who are able to go through unfavourable conditions. They are able to trap underwater, live without food for a month and run at incredible speed. The ideal option is to seek professional pest control services. They take care of detection, control and monitoring parts for you. However, cockroaches can appear and infest almost anytime due to housekeeping and pest entries reasons. You can step up pest eradication efforts with the following:

  • Removing their breeding spots and their nests at key risk areas
  • Eliminate all water and moisture source coming from taps, plant watering, pipes
  • Block entries especially grease traps and manhole, gaps and crevices
  • Adopt diligent and consistent housekeeping to remove food source
  • Deal with the trash immediately, and invest in waste bins with securing lids
Debugged Blog Top 10 Trending Blogs on Pest Control Cockroach Prevention Tips

Prevent cockroaches in your premise with these useful tips.

How to get rid of ants in the home?

Ants are annoying because of their tiny body size that is not easy to reach, squash or detect easily. They also come in lines and groups that make control a lot harder. The frustration is also facing recurring ant infestation after seeing some fruitful control results shortly. One way is to use an ant repellent to prevent them from invading food sensitive areas that can result in food safety consequences. However, a serious ant infestation can disrupt the general wellbeing and safety of your family. Seek professional ant control with Rentokil Initial today.

Debugged Blog Top 10 Trending Blogs on Pest Control What You Need To Know About Pest Control

Learn more about pest control through a series of frequently asked questions.

What you need to know home pest control

What does a pest control company do?

They are licensed and certified pest control specialists who are trained to carry out pest control treatments in various environments and settings. Covering commercial, industrial and residential sectors, their responsibility is to protect people’s health and safety, and providing professional recommendations and pest prevention advice. Part of the service coverage includes the detection and inspection of pest presence and their species type and assessing the premise condition. However, a credible leader also caters monitoring and trending analysis support, reporting conditions and observations to a customer.

What are some pest treatments offered?

There is a whole range of pests to eradicate. They range from the less common bees, birds, booklice, ticks to the common household pests. This includes cockroaches, ants, flies, termites, bed bugs, rats and mosquitoes. Besides conducting the more specialised solution including vector control, fumigation and disinfection misting, here are some common pest treatments for a residential home and businesses.

  • Cockroach and ants treatment
  • Integrated mosquito control programme
  • Digital rodent control
  • Long term termite protection treatment
  • Flying insect traps
  • Bed bug control

How much does pest control costs?

If you have enquired a few companies or chance upon their price list, you might notice a wide range of pest control costs. While companies may have different price margins and promotions, the cost to do pest treatments depend on a few factors. Firstly, types of pest species impact price. For instance, termite control largely costs more due to the service coverage size, active ingredient composition and complexity of application. Secondly, the size of coverage where large industrial compounds that require multiple lines of defence and units placement cost more. Thirdly, the quality, type of active ingredient and units will differentiate the cost. For example, there are eco-friendly and superior efficacy active ingredients. An important factor to note is the use of traditional rodent glue board versus sensing technology. Finally, the condition of the infestation where light infestation typically requires less intense treatment and number of frequencies?

When do we call for professional help?

As most households are not professional and biology trained, the question of when do we call for professional services is often one common query. In fact, the common mistake of calling for pest control when the situation turns out of control or results in damaging consequences is often made. Getting professional help should start in early stages even if there is little or no infestation. This is because early and regular detection of pest signs is one way to prevent pest problems from surfacing. In addition, it involves minimal rectification requirements and costs when the condition is less serious.

What do I need to know about pest control evaluation?

There are over 300 pest control companies in Singapore. How do we know whom to engage besides considering price as one of the decision-making factors? It is essential to have full visibility in terms of the company’s credibility and trustworthiness. These include proof in their certifications, accolades or awards. Check to see if they have a robust and complete system around health and safety, quality control and operation management. Read what customers and past users comment and view the brand in terms of service satisfaction and efficacy standard. Finally, compare the type of solutions and technology used and if they possess adequate technical expertise.

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