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5 Unexpected Food Home Pests Will Love

Home Pests- For sure, many of the households in Singapore buy and store food at home. It can be our canned beverages, packets of rice or even our pet food. Do you know some common food you buy from the supermarket are the favorites for many home pests? These foods are highly attractive for home pests, especially when we start to overlook and neglect our daily housekeeping. Or simply, we may be using improper food storage methods.

Take a look at the top 5 common household food that attracts pests


Are the cans of iced cold beer you buy from the supermarket one of the hot favorites among typical home pests? Yes and that'll be for the cockroaches! While you care to party and drink throughout the night, be careful of where you possibly spill that sweet and yummy beverage. Be diligent to bring the empty beer cans outside before you call off the night because...

It turns out that cockroaches like their cold pints! However, they’re not exactly party insects. They’re not drinking to get drunk. Instead, they’re simply attracted to the sugars and hops found in beer. That’s their excuse anyway.

You can find out more fun facts in details on Cockroaches: Ten fascinating facts!

Apart from cockroaches, the beer at home is also highly capable of attracting fruit flies. This is because they love rotting and fermented food- exactly what alcoholic drinks actually are. Fruit flies are small flies which feed on decaying and fermenting matter. Capable of breeding even in the tightest space, fruit flies reproduce very quickly. An adult fly can emerge in just after 4 days!

So the danger is, if you leave these empty beer cans out overnight in your trash bins or maybe you do not care to wipe up beer spills, chances are you’d most likely be attracting home pests like cockroaches and fruit flies to come join in the after-party. It is a feeding enjoyment on its high sugar content and the malty taste of beer.


Our local dried cuttlefish taste seems to have grown fondly on rats with rat baits more often than not, putting it to the real test. It can be the flavorful taste, and pungent smell dried cuttlefish gives off which makes it highly attractive for rats to come take their first nibble!

Did you know? On pest control records, baits to lure rats have even include the use of peanut butter and dried cuttlefish! It is not easy to catch rats with baits as they are fearful of new and unfamiliar objects, odours and tastes.

Click to read more about our realistic local rat problem here Rat Problem in Singapore: Is The Situation Getting Real?

Peanut Butter

A food that rats love too, peanut butter is a real game changer when it comes to its modern taste palate for pests. With a combination of fat and protein, peanut butter attracts cockroaches easily with its great smell and taste.


Cereals, Grains, Flour

The cereal you make each morning for breakfast, they can be the healthy oats or the box of cornflakes you pour into the milk bowl for the kids. Rice and grains have also long been a food staple in many kitchens, a convenient quick fix for a satisfying meal. If you are a fan of baking and creating, we are quite sure we can find at least a few bags of flour in your kitchen.

Stored products at home such as these cereals, grains and bags of flour have a risk of pest infestation which include grain beetles such as flour beetles and cigarette beetles. These beetles can really be unexpected home pests.

Here is a list of a wide variety of stored food products, products or material these beetles feed and infest on:

Spices, Pasta, Books, Dried Flowers, Leather & Silk.

In the case of an infestation, the female beetle lays her eggs in or on the food material. While these are very common food found in most of the households in Singapore, yet to many people, they are food stuff you highly unexpected to find bugs in them.

Pet Food

The pet food at home can be the most unexpected food of all to attract pests in the house! This is when stored product insects, such as the cigarette beetle come in to attack for a share of the food pie with your darling pet.

Can pet food attracts home pests?

Do take note of your pet’s food before you dish them out for your bird, hamster, cat or dog. If you see suspicious things which are moving and crawling around, chances are the pet food is already infested.

Many pet owners may also have overlooked the fact that pet feeding trays and dishes left out on the floor or in the backyard, do attract pests such as ants and cockroaches to come feed on the leftovers. Always keep and wash clean the pet dishes to maintain a clean environment for you and your pet.

Besides to take note of these home pests related to the food you keep at home, you can learn more tips on how to love and care for your pet, click here for What to do if my pet has fleas?

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