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Where Can You Find Information on Pests?

We encounter pests every day and it can range from a mild problem with one or two pests lurking around in the home, to a serious pest infestation where a recurring bunch of pests turned up every day and at any parts of the home. Where can you find information about pests to help you understand better how to manage this frustrating problem? Rentokil shares where are the sources of information you can retrieve on queries bothering you about pests.

Recommendations from families and friends

The common act of query when we face with home matters such as pest eradication is to turn to our trusted families, friends and colleagues. This includes sharing of insights, ideas, remedies, and possible causes of a pest problem. Pest myths are common conversations and typically shared as it involves low or no cost, naturally safe (unless we are using boric acid or mothballs that are harmful) and generally easy to obtain. For example, using pandan leaves to ward off cockroaches, blocking ants with chalk lining and leveraging scents to derail pests including peppermint, vinegar, garlic and even essential oils for example citronella and lavender.

Scaring off lizards with the placement of eggshells belongs to another common pest myth today. Other recommendations are using sprays and baits that they deem to be effective by purchasing from home fix retail stalls. Where exactly should they spray and stick-on those traps? Usually, the most recommended spaces are based on experience on where they think, are key risk areas in the home. While this method works on most household pests including ants and cockroaches, it probably will not work on termite infestation, where special termite control solutions require specific tools and active ingredients.

Editorial contents on forums and blogs

There are various contents, fact sheets and write-ups relating to thoughts of pest control solutions, pests’ facts and habitats. In this segment, there are a lot more contents and insights around issues relating:

  • Causes of pest infestation and what attracts pests to a premise
  • Infestation signs to look out such as smell, droppings and discarded wings
  • Where are the key risk areas to identify that has pest activities?
  • Pest prevention methods that work and which are ineffective
  • Common mistakes and household habits that promote pests
  • Interesting and essential facts of pests that we are not aware of
  • How to identify and differentiate pests with similar outlook and habits

Usually, these contents also provide some tips and recommendations on how to go about engaging in professional pest control services, useful FAQ and guides, price of pest control, how to evaluate a credible provider and what to expect during the enquiry process to treatment stage.

Expert voice from pest control experts

The fastest and most accurate way of fishing information on pest matters is to call the experts. There are over 300 pest control companies in Singapore offering pest treatments, getting answers from the experts is not a difficult task. They are usually a call away, or simply put in your query through an email, online form or chatbot to have your doubts answered. The specialist would usually ask a few questions to understand the background, the problem and observation before initiating a visit to the premise for proper assessment and surveying of the premise. In addition, they will perform the following before recommending the relevant solution

  • Determine the type of pests and its species identification
  • Breeding and nesting locations or key risk areas with pest activities
  • Severity of infestation in terms of spread and population volume
  • Environment conditions or surrounding activities that impacts an infestation
  • Integrity of the home and structure that contributes to pest attraction
  • Standard of housekeeping and sanitation including waste management
  • Risk factor for example premises located within dengue cluster

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Professional pest management websites

There is an abundance of websites managed by professional pest management specialists, simply searching on queries for example, how to get rid of termites or effective mosquito prevention methods. On such websites, you can find more details and supporting information that may not be available on random sites and platforms. Firstly, you can find a pest library where habitats, biology and identification of various pests. This also includes on their reproduction, food that attracts them and where to locate them. Secondly, there will be a list of different treatments shared for example, mosquito control, termite treatment, bed bug elimination programme and rodent control. Thirdly, learn to identify the different pest infestation signs. Fourthly, most professional experts also include useful pest prevention tips to adopt, common home mistakes and proofing recommendations.

Finally, some pests such as mosquitoes is a cause of an epidemic like dengue fever, and additional insights relating to dengue cases in Singapore and how to prevent against dengue are elaborated.

Facts and tips on social media

Another popular platform where the majority seek information, news, insights and promotions is the social media. Facebook and YouTube in particular list multiple posts and contents relating to pest matters. These posts are usually more light hearted, fun, interesting, where contents are crafted relating to experiences, and encounters. Useful tips, pain point triggers, pest myths and infographics not only educates but also engages the audience. You may notice posts with audiences sharing their challenges, struggles or their methods to get rid of pests. However, it is essential to perform a sense check on some facts and claims with the professional. This ensures you get the right answers to resolve your problem.

Debugged Blog Where Can We Find Information On Pests Specialist Engagement

How to go about contacting a pest control company?

Easiest way is to search for the pest control company and give them a ring. To ensure you are given an accurate and complete answer, it is good to call up a few for some form of validation. Companies can be found on directory listings, google my business location, display and search ads on the internet, content write ups and other forms of publicity. They usually offer different modes of communication including the direct call enquiry, quick form completion and chatbot assistance.

Before calling up the company, do standby a list of information that may be asked. Take down their service cover. They include the actual scope of work, the cost of treatment, application method, safety, efficacy and time required. It is good to shortlist and narrow down your options by referring to customer reviews and ratings to gauge on the quality and credibility of the provider.

Debugged Blog Where Can We Find Information On Pests Choosing Reliable Pest Control Specialist

Choosing a reliable pest control specialist

Once you have chosen and shortlisted a few pest control providers and received some information, recommendation and price range, the next step is to evaluate their credibility, trust and professionalism in delivering the service. While price is one factor in the decision-making process, pests if not dealt adequately can result in consequential outcome. These include food safety, risks, transmission of diseases, hazards relating to short circuit and fire and weakening of the structure, that increases its instability. Here are some evaluation factors to consider:

  • Brand reputation, track records and credibility in the industry
  • What are customers saying in terms of service quality and pest efficacy
  • Type of solutions used if they are safe, optimal and environmentally friendly
  • Utilising of innovation and technology to raise the standards of pest control
  • Professional expertise and pest knowledge in delivery quality solutions
  • Speed of response and communication availability for your pest needs
  • Financial health, business stability and adequate people resources
  • Adequate regulatory compliance and safety policies in place

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