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How Can I Control Pests at Home?

A survey was recently conducted and revealed the top 3 pests that home owners are struggling with at home are 50% on ants, 30% on cockroaches and 13% on lizards.

Where is the common key risk area within a home?

Yes, kitchen tops the list among 76% of the respondents as the pest risk area. A small percentage of 11% indicated the living room and 9% mentioned the balcony. 4% of the respondents mentioned bedroom is a key risk area for bed bugs, it can be a challenging epidemic to eliminate without proper bed bug control. In other words, almost every corner of your home is at risk!

The question is; how can I control pests at home? 70% agreed that practicing good housekeeping and using off the shelve tools found in retail shops or supermarket are some ways to get rid of pests. Similarly, 42% of the respondents will resort to D.I.Y. methods, very often sourcing from online self-learning or getting recommendations from friends or family. But do they really work?


Recurring pest infestation is a common struggle among half of the readers. 28% are affected with the visible droppings and stains found on the surfaces of walls or cabinets. 9% mentioned about the bites and allergies caused by mosquitoes, bed bugs and cockroaches.

Home conditions can contribute to pest infestation

20% of the respondents noticed poor home conditions in their homes.  8% experienced leaking pipes, wet floors and infested built-in beams, panels, kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. Damaged flooring, laminates and tiles form the minority of 6%. However it could be a potential start of a termite infestation where they feed on wood structures and cellulose materials. Read more on how to identify the type of termites attacking your home.

Seeking pest awareness and solutions

Website and internet seems to be the go-to method where 65% get their answers and solutions. Furthermore,this usually happens in the event they suspect of an infestation or already experience pest issues. 27% of users turn to their family and friends for tips and advice.

With only 1% of the respondents’ indication to engage in proper pest control, many find that pest control is too pricey, or conditions are not severe enough for the need to call for a pest control specialist. Pest control prices are often a deciding factor for many home owners, however it may not be as pricey as perceived.

There are various factors to help customise affordable solutions

  • Type of pest
  • Size of the affected area and property coverage
  • Frequency of the treatments and solution type
  • Option of a 1 time off service treatment or a monthly protection.

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