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Pest control for public transport

Industry-leading solutions protect public transport facilities from both pest and hygiene risks to protect both staff and passengers

Whether it’s buses, trains, the Underground or ferries, public transport is a vital service for keeping the economy running. The COVID-19 outbreak has greatly reduced the number of people travelling on public transport while many businesses have been closed due to lockdowns and only people working in essential services have been allowed to travel.

Returning to increased capacity as people go back to work and a normal life as lockdown restrictions are eased raises a number of challenges for the transport providers.

Safeguarding the health and wellbeing of staff and passengers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Cleaning and disinfecting vehicles and inside the buildings of transport hubs are essential to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus among passengers. Rentokil’s professional disinfection services use specially trained staff and the most appropriate tools and products to rapidly treat and protect buildings and vehicles of any size, including buses, trains, aircraft and ferries.

Rentokil’s vehicle disinfection service will help prevent the spread of coronavirus on public transport by sanitising and disinfecting commonly touched surfaces.

Protecting the public transport industry from pest and hygiene risks

Rentokil’s industry-leading solutions protect public transport facilities from both pest and hygiene risks, preventing the spread of diseases including vector-borne diseases, and damage to equipment and property as a result of infestations. Our services will help you provide reassurance to staff and customers that your premises and vehicles are safe.

Keeping vehicles clean and hygienic

Vehicle disinfection services clean and disinfect common touchpoints such as hand rails, grab handles, buttons and seats to reduce the risk of infection to passengers.

Mitigating the risk of infection in buildings

Disinfection and integrated hygiene solutions help prevent cross-contamination via touchpoints and provide hand hygiene solutions to stop germs from spreading.

24/7 pest monitoring and control

Our advanced digital pest control solutions protect transport facilities from pest infestations with automated rodent control and remote monitoring via our online customer portal – myRentokil.

Solutions tailored to your business needs

We invest in science and technology to develop better products that enable us to offer tailored IPM solutions in line with your business requirements and provide greater cost control.

Protect and reassure staff and passengers

Our hygiene and pest control solutions enable our customers to assure their staff and passengers that every precaution is taken to protect their health and wellbeing.

Protecting your business safely

Our highly trained and certified technicians comply with local legislative and safety requirements to ensure your business is protected with safe and effective solutions.

Public transport insights

View our infographic for a handy checklist to make sure your business is prepared to re-open in this new COVID-19 world

Vehicle disinfection protects staff and passengers using public transport hubs and vehicles from infection and enables companies to run services safely.

Find out what bus, train and ferry companies need to do to ensure staff and customers are safe from infection from COVID-19 and pest-borne diseases.

Pest control services

Innovative pest management solutions to support your business needs

Innovation and expertise

Our Global Research and Development centre drives our industry-leading innovations for commercial pest control