Stored product insects: always a threat

Discover which SPIs are the biggest threat to food safety and how you can stay one step ahead of these costly pests

SPIs are the most costly pest for the food industry, infesting food supplies at every stage of food supply chains from the farm to the consumer. They contaminate and damage far greater quantities of food than they consume, causing stock loss and production downtime.

Food businesses have to be vigilant at all times to prevent SPIs infesting food supplies and storage areas. The presence of SPIs is a symptom of a specific problem and only by analysing why they’re present can we design a strategy to eliminate them.

Download our report now to find out which SPIs are the biggest threat to food safety and how Rentokil can help you stay one steap ahead of these tiny but costly pests through combining pest expertise with global data-driven insight.

The key takeaways of this free report

  • The threats from stored product insects
  • Factors aiding SPI infestations
  • Using data to combat SPIs in the supply chain
  • Which pests are the biggest threats
  • Combining expertise and data to create bespoke solutions
  • How Rentokil can protect your business

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