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Protecting businesses and homes in Poland from Pests

Our Poland Pest Control Branch

Our team of professionals boast 30 years of combined experience, delivering expert service to large food production, family businesses and residential customers in Poland.

We have specially trained our technicians in fumigation and pest control services to provide expert solutions to our customers, no matter the situation.

Problems with pests? Contact us today to arrange for a visit from your local Professional Pest control expert.

"Customer satisfaction is our priority! We always strive for the highest achievable result and even further. We do our very best to find a solution for all your pest problems. We are well aware that we are in a business where we have the responsibility for protecting our customers from pests, which can even pose a threat to their health. We are always working on developing ourselves, to  offer our customers the best and safe service! We are not called Professional Pest Control for nothing!"

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