Preparing Premises for The New Normal Post ECQ

With the lift of ECQ, many are preparing to finally leave their homes and go back to work. Many are looking forward to do what they used to before the ECQ was implemented. However as the "New Normal" implies, the environment that we used to have will not be the same. The infectious coronavirus disease prompts us to rethink how we used to carry on our daily activities. But what is this new normal and how do we prepare for it?

The New Normal

What is the new normal? Up to this day there are still uncertainties, but there are a few things that will most probably have to change until a successful treatment or vaccine is available. Social gatherings and events will have to be postponed indefinitely, programs will most probably be put into place to make sure sufficient distance is put between individuals. For the layman, we will most probably have to change the way we interact with one another, especially for work.

How To Prepare:

1. Regular Disinfection Service on Workplaces

Before stepping foot into offices/ business premises, it’ll be the company or employer’s responsibility to ensure disinfection of the working environment. Old practices must be change, we have to adapt to the new normal where disinfection needs to be done regularly, not just when another pandemic breaks out. Disinfecting heavy touch point surfaces such as desks and chairs, as well as light switches and door handles can reduce the risk of cross contamination.


2. Always Wear Mask When Outside

Precautions must be taken. The virus is reported to spread through water droplets when someone coughs or sneezes, as well as contaminated surfaces such as light switches, door handles, etc. Recent studies have shown that the virus can be present in the air but for now, it is not known if it can be transmitted through air. This is why a face mask can be a good preventive measure to help reduce the risk of getting infected. When social distancing is not viable, always wear a mask for that extra protection.


3. Keep Hand Sanitizer Handy

Hand sanitizer is another thing you should always carry. The best way to keep yourself safe is to wash your hands frequently, and hand sanitizing is essential to complete the process. Hand sanitizers kill germs and reduce the risk of cross infection significantly. That’s why having it in your desk drawer or bag is important to keep your hands safe after washing and drying them.


4. Practice Physical Distancing

Probably the most important is to continue practicing physical distancing as much as you can, even after ECQ is lifted. This may be difficult when your workplace is filled with people but we should try our best to keep our distance. The best way for employers to do this is to consider a possible rotation on employee’s schedule. This limits the number of people coming in, as well as allowing practice physical distancing. Physical distancing doesn’t only apply to business premises, but also in our daily lives.  Meaning social gatherings or going to crowded places will have to be kept at a minimum to none.


What Does This Means for All Of Us?

In summary, even after the ECQ is lifted, we won’t be able to go back to the way things were. The Government will have to reevaluate their responses to pandemic outbreak, many will face challenging problems on how to ensure the safety of their people and clients. Companies will have to raise hygiene standards and be equipped with the necessary hygiene facilities. That’s why Rentokil Initial is here to help companies resume operations as safely.

Rentokil offers an extensive range of expert disinfection services to ensure potentially harmful disease causing bacteria and viruses are dealt in a professional, safe, and legally compliant manner. Furthermore, Rentokil has a team who are trained and certified to disinfect sites with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases. This Specialist Disinfection Service demands increased measures and precautions due to the potential risk of disease causing bacteria and viruses being present on a premise.

We also provide hygiene essential product/services to reduce the risk of cross contamination. At any point of time, Rentokil Initial wants to help you protect those you care about.

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