Being a Mom-preneur & Rentokil

Margaux Dizon-Ritualo is an Early Learning Center Owner and Director. How she balances being a mother and an entrepreneur finds an ally in Rentokil. 


Finding women who want to be both mother and entrepreneur is a growing occurrence; the challenge of stretching the future's horizon, of multi-tasking and merging marriage, motherhood and a career, too challenging and tempting a proposition. Margaux Dizon-Ritualo is married to hoopster Renren Ritualo, is blessed with daughter Margot (and by the time you read this, would most likely have given birth to their second child) and could easily have settled on being a homemaker. But armed with an International Studies degree and having completed all possible units for Early Child Education, she ventured into setting up her own Early Learning Center - the Children's Little University Learning Center in Quezon City, and acts as a consultant for the Golden State Little College in General Santos City. Both at home and in her workplace, she's found ways to acquire 'allies' in making life that much easier to handle, without sacrificing quality or compromising on the concerns that normally beset both housewives and entrepreneurs.

These concerns come in many forms; and Margaux is well aware of how Mothering alone can by itself be a wellspring of attention-seeking worries. When you couple that with running a toddler's school, you basically assume the concerns and worries of the parents whose children have been entrusted to you. No surprise then that when it comes to one particular arena of concern, she would turn to Rentokil Initial, a company celebrating it's 50th Golden Anniversary of offering Pest Control and Hygiene Solutions here in the Philippines. Margaux avails of the Home Protection Program for her residence, and an Integrated Program for Crawling & Flying Insects for the School.

Articulate and exuberant, Margaux's own words best describe the kind of relationship she has forged with Rentokil; 'As an owner of a Learning Center, it is imperative that cleanliness is held in the highest regard. There is no compromise when it comes to the safety and hygiene of our surroundings since maintaining the good health of our students is our priority. Naturally, we encourage that these standards are observed in our own homes as well to ensure that we are 100% protected. As a mother of an active toddler, I have to make sure that my home enjoys maximum pest protection, since these pests carry illnesses and germs. Everyday, I have to get ready for work and go to my Preschool to check if everything is in order. We plan weekly lessons and monthly activities. As soon as I get home, I have to attend to my 2 yr old's needs. Since my days can be pretty busy, I need partners to ensure that cleanliness in both my Preschool and home is observed. I am blessed to have a wonderful staff who follows a strict and thorough routine to make sure that mats and toys in school are properly cleaned and sanitized. For pest issues, Rentokil reminds me on a monthly basis that we are due for pest control services. This way, no matter how busy I get, I don't miss out on anything.' 

'I have been with Rentokil for many years now. I have especially noticed how effective they are in controlling cockroach infestation. You can really see the roaches on their backs even after weeks of treatment. This is a delight for someone who is terrified of cockroaches like myself and my daughter! Before switching to Rentokil, I made the mistake of hiring a local pest control service for termites infestation and it did not turn out well. We ended up having to repair the walls, which prompted me to look for another company, which eventually led me to Rentokil. I am happy to honestly say that I am very well satisfied with their service.' 

'And I am lucky that my husband shares in the same views I have in keeping both our preschool and home as pest-free as possible. Whenever we start seeing cockroaches, he tells me that it is time for Rentokil. And true enough, Rentokil is always on time in reminding us that we are already due for our monthly service. I think that pest-control should be a part of every household's routine and budget, especially if you are living in the Philippines where pests can be found everywhere. We cannot compromise the safety and health of our family.' 

While we may safely presume that Family will always come first in Margaux's life, with her business coming in a close second, if there are constants in these two highly important areas of her life, among those constants, we would find Rentokil - more than just a service provider, it is a partner and ally to Margaux in facing her challenges.

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