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Established in the United Kingdom in 1925, and one of the premier Business Services companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, Rentokil Initial celebrates 50 years of Pest Management & Control, and Hygiene, here in the Philippines. 


Back in the early 1970's, I vividly recall how every time the Rentokil Pest Control van would come up to the house for their monthly visits, if my sisters and brother were home, the arrival of the van meant my mother would bring us out for snacks or merienda while the servicing of the house and garden would go on. A small price to pay for controlling the flying and crawling pests at home my mother would explain, and we would pretend-groan for the inconvenience, but inwardly smile, as that meant cheeseburgers and milkshakes. Had that flashback as I sat down to write this article, for as is often the case with brands and companies that have extensive history here in the Philippines, it is a testament to how they have subtly been ingrained in our memory banks. And when you think about it, that longevity and resilience is proof positive of their Service reliability and Pest Solution offering dependability. 


Noted Imperial College, London entomologist Harold Maxwell-Lefroy is credited for beginning the Rentokil story. Back in 1925, when an infestation of Death Watch beetles at Westminster Hall, right beside the House of Parliament, was deemed serious enough; they turned to Maxwell-Lefroy to find a solution. With his success, and wanting to make the same service (as applied to all kinds of pests) available to households and business establishments, Rentokil was born. You fast toward ninety years, and you now have the global reach of Rentokil Initial - Initial, a laundry and washroom services company that in turn can trace its' roots to 1903, and was acquired by Rentokil in 1996. As a merged company, Rentokil Initial is the globally trusted name when it comes to Pest Management & Control, and Hygiene - here in the Philippines, since 1965. 

Rentokil Initial Philippines' mission vision is clear cut. Through its' extensive list of programs and packages, they aim to set the industry standards for pest control and hygiene - taking care of these core necessities so we can focus better on other aspects of our quality of life; and in the case of businesses, growth and productivity. The three cornerstones to achieve this mission, are Service, Relationship, and Teamwork. With a 24/7 response commitment, Rentokil Initial has four strategic branches nationwide - Manila, Cebu, Davao, and Pampanga. This is all indicative of the kind of commitment Rentokil Initial is ready to invest in, so that they accomplish their goals, and consistently provide the service and solutions that they are known for. Within the company, there is a corporate process in place for Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) assessments for every employee; to ensure they are fully complying with all Occupational Health Safety legislation. 

With Rentokil, it is integrated pest management and control for its commercial and residential clients. The programs available are specific and as follows: Mosquito & Fly Control, Ant & Cockroach control, Rodent Control, Termite control, Stored Product Insect (SPI) control, and Bird Control. With any of the Control Programs, a survey conducted by highly trained service technicians is first done in order to identify pests from source point, and to identify risk areas that are prone to further infestation - all this before conducting the necessary treatments. This guarantees that each pest control program is customized for the client's needs, providing maximum long-term protection. 

In the case of Initial, we are talking of a company with over a hundred years of experience in understanding the varying hygiene priorities of a wide range of businesses. Microbiologists, technicians and customer care representatives are all ready to work with you in addressing hygiene problems that can potentially harm your employees or tarnish your business image. Initial programs include the following: Air Care, Washroom Care, Hand Care, Feminine Care and Floor Care. There is even a Premium Scenting Solution program - the newest addition to the Air Care service. 

It is the very diversity and variety of programs that has made Rentokil Initial so responsive to the needs of its consumers. At Rentokil, an elite team of entomologists is hired so that the habits and nature of local, tropical pests are made part of the company's research and study. At Initial, I took special note of how a Feminine Care program, dealing specifically with the disposal of feminine napkins, was Initial's response to the ever-growing number of women in the workplace - department store sales areas, the secretarial pool of law offices, and call centers, these are just some of the workplaces where women play a dominant role in employment figures. And it's good to note how Initial has them firmly in mind. It's all in the name of raising standards of hygiene, of combatting germs and bacteria. 

The list of satisfied homeowners and business establishments who have been loyal to Rentokil Initial is a long and impressive list of the best names and known brands. From hotels, malls, and offices, to condominium projects, banks, pharmaceutical and food processing companies, and restaurants; whether for the Rentokil programs or in combination with the Initial programs, fifty years of successful existence is the best testimony for the kind of Quality and Service Rentokil Initial provides. 

Note: You can find this feature in Metro Society magazine’s July 2015 issue. Grab a copy now from leading bookstores and magazine stands nationwide.

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