Termite infestation threatens student’s safety in Pangasinan school

Here, in the canteen of San Vicente West Integrated School in Asingan, Pangasinan, we see that teachers and students are eating wholeheartedly but little do they know that termites are also taking fiesta from the old wooden parts of the building. The area is so old, walls are getting weaker, making the structure no longer safe for anyone to stay. Aside from termites, electric wiring and pieces of wood are just hanging loose which is dangerous enough for children and teachers that they have to vacate the canteen immediately after buying their food. School officials tried to renovate the infested part of the canteen by replacing the old wood, putting new ones but the building is just too old beyond repair and is nearly ready to collapse at any given time. 

The canteen is intended to be converted to a classroom, one of the solutions for the student congestion problem in other classrooms but the building has been infested by termites and they have ruined much of the structure, teachers and students have to squeeze as many as 46 students into one classroom. This makes it harder for both teacher and student to concentrate in teaching and learning the lesson of the day. 

Officials from Department of Education have visited the place and took note of the severe problem that the pests have caused. Now, the school administration is just waiting for the demolition order of the building. 

Not only public structures are prone to termite infestation but also your own home or any type of property can be at risk. Termites are extremely persistent and challenging when it comes to timber problems. The last thing you should do is think you can solve the problem on your own. 

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