The Quest for That Ideal Pest Control Home Partner

In this age of the ever-growing number of multi-tasking homemakers, finding the ideal pest control, homepartner is high on the list of making life more worry-free. Let supermom Pinty Gonzaga share her Rentokil Experience

No matter whether you live in a palatial home, a condominium, or a townhouse; managing one's household is a daily concern. And if you ask most homeowners, a clean, hygienic environment will always be a major issue. Pinty Gonzaga is no different. She may be mother to Toni and Alex Gonzaga - two of the brightest multimedia stars, manage their careers, and be married to the present Vice-Mayor of Taytay, Rizal; but as a busy, multi-tasking homemaker, her being busy can never overrule the daily concerns of managing a household. "Cleanliness is really essential in our home," Pinty states unequivocally. "Especially in the kitchen and bathroom areas where pests can be a problem. It's really important to manage and control pests, because if you have pests in your home, it reflects on those who live there. Plus diseases can be easily transmitted through pests, and that is something I really want to avoid and protect my family against." 

With her more than busy schedule, the given demands of having a Vice Mayor-husband, and managing the flowering careers of her two daughters, life for Pinty is an endless procession of meetings and appointments. Sacred for her is the spiritual aspect of their lives, and this means choir practice, Bible studies and prayer meetings in the evenings have to always be fitted in. Waking up early and sleeping late is part of the daily grind, so it comes as no surprise that with their home's cleanliness and hygiene still of paramount importance, Pinty went off in search for the perfect Home Partner to address this major concern. She recalls, "I was very happy with how quickly and fully Rentokil addressed my queries. They were very professional and were always on time - something I really value with my hectic schedule. I also like how they conducted a very thorough survey of our home and it's surroundings to be able to identify exactly which spots were weakest and where pests and termites could enter our home." 

Rentokil has a comprehensive list of Pest Control programs: Cockroach Control, Ant Control, Rodent Control, Fly and Mosquito Control, and Termite Control. The latter Pinty also subscribed to as one can't be overly concerned about flying and crawling pests, while the very structure, foundation, walls, and ceiling of your home is being undermined by termites. Protection and the preservation of one's home would dictate that this also be a vital concern for the responsible homeowner. As with all their programs, Rentokil is not about giving empty guarantees of zero pest results. Rather, it is about proven scientific research and methods looking into the given contributory factors leading to internal and external infestation, and managing and controlling these factors. With a rich history that has proven provenance - a renowned British entomologist started the company, and extensive global presence, it is this kind of expertise that Rentokil brings to the proverbial table. Expertise that highly trained service technicians - which include elite entomologists that study pest behavior - are ready to make available in your home. 

Beyond the service and programs that Rentokil can provide, the habits and customs of the people living in the household also hold sway in Pest Management and Control. As Pinty recalls, "We have a rule in the house that leftover food is not left out in the open. I make sure everyone stores their leftovers properly in the refrigerator or freezer, or disposes of them in the garbage bins. I know exposed leftover food can attract pests." Similarly one can not emphasize strongly enough how bringing food and the resultant crumbs to all parts of the house, such as salas and bedrooms, is inviting disaster. Drainage systems, gardening activities, even one's neighbors concern for sanitation, are factors that invite or cause infestation.

Pinty remembers how after the Rentokil survey was conducted, they went to work treating the Gonzaga home. Their quick treatment and reliability were both a big plus for Mommy Pinty, who needed a provider/partner she could readily depend on, as time is an elusive luxury. "I think it was a great weight off my mind having Rentokil come in to provide security from pests and termites. It made me feel more at ease - like I have a partner who helps care for my home, and whom I can trust!" That Rentokil has amassed a history of being the trusted name for Pest Management and Control in several hotels, malls, offices, buildings, and business establishments can only add to its' Ideal Home Partner aura.

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