Best Time to Stop Mosquito Breeding

Dengue is reported to be the leading cause of childhood hospitalization and oftentimes, can be fatal. Dengue is transmitted through contact with several species of mosquitoes making them a potential threat to almost half of the world’s population. Mosquitoes typically bite during the day, particularly in the early morning and in the evening, but given that they can bite almost anytime, they are able to spread the infection all throughout the year. 

According to Dr. Frances Edillo of the University of San Carlos' Department of Biology in Cebu, the best way to prevent dengue epidemic, occurring mostly during the wet season, is to reduce the number of breeding sites during the dry season. According to her, destroying the breeding sites as early as possible will help prevent mosquitoes from reproducing and further spreading the disease. 

When Dengue starts to develop and becomes severe, special attention from physicians and nurses who are experts in the field is needed. Today, there is no known effective vaccine for dengue yet but major progress has been made to protect humans from the disease. Nowadays, the only method to control or prevent transmission of the dengue virus is through the prevention and control of mosquitoes’ breeding grounds. How? Here are the following things we can do: 


In addition to this, fogging, larvacide or misting methods are also recommended solution as part of holistic approach to manage its population during the season. This will discourage mosquitoes from inhabiting people’s surroundings. 

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