Investing In Reliable Pest Control

By Michelle Alejandro 


As the President and CEO of Philippine Business Bank, the biggest independent savings bank in the Philippines, Rolando Avante knows what it means to invest in quality. Whether it’s the quality of his work life or his home life, he is equally meticulous when it comes to ensuring cleanliness, safety, and security. This is the major reason why he chose Rentokil’s pest control services over lower priced competitors in the market. Coming from a background in finance, Roland knows that investing in quality and excellence will pay off every time. 

“We first tried a local provider for our pest control needs,” Roland shares, “but we did not get the results we wanted. That’s why I decided to try Rentokil. Their service was impeccable. Others just can’t compare. Scheduling was never a problem plus we appreciate the fact that they always remind us for inspections and treatment dates.” 

That extra mile in customer care goes a long way to a man who is a veteran in the banking and finance industry and knows that customer service and even predicting customer needs is an important aspect of any business. This, coupled with effective and efficient pest control makes Rentokil stand out from the rest. This made all the difference for Roland who has worked at several prestigious finance institutes in the country and knows the importance of excellent results. 

“It’s very important for me to keep a safe and clean home,” he says. “Our helpers have a schedule when it comes to cleaning all areas of the house. We make sure to keep and tidy away all dirty dishes at night so as not to attract pests, and we keep screen doors closed at all times. But in addition to that, I knew it was important to also get a monthly pest control service to make sure the bugs would really stay away.” 

He admits that while Rentokil may cost a bit more than other available choices, it’s the results they provide and their added services that make them a bankable and worthwhile investment. “Rentokil surveyed our home, checked every corner, and assessed the problems we had. In our previous home we had termites and opted for their three-year treatment. 

Additionally, the peace of mind that came with knowing Rentokil was truly turning their home into a safe and pest controlled zone was already worth the price. “Having a clean and safe environment free from the worries pests bring is something we should all have,” he shares. “With all the diseases we can get from pests – leptospirosis, dengue, etc – it’s important we keep our families and children safe from these dangers at home. Good pest control is key in keeping these harmful insects and rodents away.” 

Today, through his trusted partnership with Rentokil, Roland is happy to note that he no longer has problems with pests such as flies, mosquitoes, or roaches in his home. This is of particular importance in their home, as they have a child and a baby on its way very soon. 

He has been so happy with their services at home he even sees the potential pest management services could have at his place of work as well. “I could definitely see how Rentokil’s services could work for the bank,” he admits. Bank premises influence the way client’s think and will tell them about how the business works. “Clients are very observant and associate good housekeeping and clean and well maintained interiors with good bank management, which in turn will earn their trust.” 

NOTE: You can find this feature in Metro Society magazine’s July 2014 issue. Grab a copy now from leading bookstores and magazine stands nationwide.

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