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Written by Michelle Alejandro • Photo by Gary Nepomuceno • Special Thanks to Metro Society Magazine 

As a busy food and stationery entrepreneur and a mother of three bustling boys, Patricia Panlilio is confident in her home because of the safety Rentokil has provided. 

Keeping your home and business sanitary, safe, and and protected from pests is important to any mother and homemaker. Add a full-blown successful home-based food business into the equation and the need for pest control is even more important. Patricia Panlilio understands this need immensely. That is why she chose to try Rentokil’s pest management services. As a mother to Quintin, Matteo, and Luca and the entrepreneur behind two successful businesses – PaPillo Stationery and nawwTy’s Kitchen – Patricia knows she needs a pest control provider that she can rely on. 

As a mother and entrepreneur, Patricia feels that a tidy and safe environment at home is important because the health of her boys is always her first priority alongside the safety of her products. It is essential to her that their surroundings are clean with as minimal pests as possible to avoid sickness. And, as the head of a food business, she needs to be sure that her kitchen and work area are sanitized and free from unwanted pests. “In addition to the safety of my family, I run a food business so the kitchen is always busy,” Patricia says. “We are always cooking and prepping, and we need to make sure the environment is hygienic. We make sure the garbage is always disposed of properly so we don’t attract flies and other insects that are normally drawn to food.” 

It’s amazing that this lovely lady manages to accommodate all of her activities, but she makes it work and not only does she manage to get everything done, she does so with the high standards that have become a staple in her life. This not only includes her family responsibilities and her business ventures but also her desire to keep a clean and beautiful home for her family. “A well maintained home on all levels is very important to me,” Patricia shares. “Being a full time mother, I always ascertain that my home is well managed and taken cared of. No matter how busy I am, this is really important.” 

In addition to her own vigilance, Patricia also makes sure her home and kitchen get regular treatments for pest control. When she first heard about Rentokil, she thought they would be the perfect pest management provider for someone with her high standards of cleanliness and efficiency. “I think Rentokil did an amazing job in getting rid of so many flies that the summer heat and the presence of food attracted,” Patricia shares. “Right after our treatment we literally had zero sightings of flies, which was basically my main problem. In addition, mosquitoes were nowhere to be found as well.” 

Through the thorough pest control treatment, Patricia’s home and kitchen has become a neat and safe pest-controlled zone. She was so impressed by the effects that she has already begun to actively recommend Rentokil to her friends and colleagues. “I am very pleased with the prompt service visits and the follow-ups after the service was done,” Patricia says. Patricia Panlilio She knows their efficient and quick service will be beneficial to her friends for both their homes and businesses. 

“Rentokil really helped me control the pests in my home and since I also do so much business there, I definitely see commercial business could benefit from the same. I believe that because of how satisfied I am with Rentokil it will become a vital part of my personal and professional endeavors.” 

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