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Precautionary Disinfection

Rentokil Initial Precautionary Disinfection is a unique service that instantly kills microorganisms by oxidizing key structures and compounds, such as proteins, leading to widespread, irreversible damage and subsequent deactivation/ destruction of the pathogens to reduce the potential risk of cross-infection. This is highly recommended for customers to help maintain a high level of hygiene in their workplace in sites where there is NO suspected or confirmed case of disease causing bacteria and viruses.

Suitable For:


Precautionary Disinfection services can be tailored to meet workplace disinfection requirement, be it an office environment, vehicle, materials handling or your own home.

How Is It Done?

Disinfection Service Treatment can be tailored to meet required disinfection for your workplace, be it an office environment, vehicle, materials handling, or your own home. Rentokil Initial wants to help you protect those you care about.

  • Spraying -  Direct disinfectant application on surfaces, directly targets harmful pathogens on surfaces

  • Wiping - Careful application of disinfectant on sensitive, frequently touched surfaces to significantly reduce microbial load

  • Misting - Effectively disperses disinfectant in the air, covering large surface areas as well as to hard-to-reach corners

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