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Food Safety in the Philippines

Today, Philippines is still working on bridging gaps on food safety regulations and practices. Progressively updating to attend specific needs of consumers and food manufacturers to strengthen Philippine food security by delivering safe, affordable, and nutritious foods and feedstuffs through an improved regulatory framework based on risk-based principles and streamlined processes. Consideration includes external and internal challenges and adopts international standards, farmers and producers are able to meet consumer demands for safe food, while at the same time gaining access to the global food market.

WHO states the challenges for food control authorities include:

  • increasing burden of foodborne illness and new and emerging foodborne hazards;
  • rapidly changing technologies in food production, processing and marketing;
  • developing science-based food control systems with a focus on consumer protection;
  • international food trade and need for harmonization of food safety and quality standards;
  • changes in lifestyles, including rapid urbanization; and
  • growing consumer awareness of food safety and quality issues and increasing demand for better information.

Explore and find out what food safety standards and regulations would impact your business today.

Why Food Safety is Good for your Business

With the rising population in Asia, there are now more mouths to feed. As the food demand grows, the integrity and availability of food supply became a concern for consumers especially when pests risks are involved.

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