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Cockroach Control Trap

Our revolutionary cockroach trap is a lockable system that catches adult roaches. It conforms to the safety standards and its ease of use makes it ideal for commercial spaces.

This unique trapping system serves as an augmentation to support & supplement greater effectivity & efficiency of Rentokil cockroach control treatment, on top of spraying and gel baiting solution.

Cockroach Control Trap

An all new chemical-free trap with out-of-sight catch area to control and monitor cockroach problems.


Benefits to your business:

  • Discreet design - fully enclosed catch area for use in sensitive areas.
  • Environment-Friendly – without use of toxic substances.
  • Safe for children, workplace, public area and pets.
  • Both for capturing and monitoring.

Suitable for:

  • Food Processing Plants
  • Food Retail
  • Food & Beverage

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