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Pest proofing solutions

Pest-proofing is vital for preventing infestations by removing weak points around buildings that allow pests to enter and find nesting sites and food sources.

Many types of pest can gain entry to buildings, if they’re given the chance, because of poor design and maintenance. Pests can take advantage of gaps in structures from drains to doors, windows, around pipework and cables, vents and poorly fitting panels and roofing material. Insect pests can find tiny gaps in their persistent search for and by following the scent of food coming from inside buildings. 

Rodents are agile and intelligent enough to investigate opportunities, analyse potential weaknesses and work out means to enter buildings – even damaging structures or fittings by gnawing to make or enlarge holes because they only need tiny gaps to squeeze through. Their teeth are hard enough to gnaw through many materials, including wood, rubber, lead, aluminium sheeting, plastic and low-quality concrete. They can climb almost any rough, flat surface and run along or climb pipes, cables, plants, drains and conduits.

Business owners need to outsmart pests to keep them out by using both preventative practices and suitable proofing solutions to block routes of entry. 

Pest-proofing methods to keep unwanted pests under control

We have over 95 years of experience in studying pest behaviour to provide customers with innovative pest control solutions. At our world-leading Global Research and Development Centre, we have one of the most advanced laboratories for studying pests and developing the most effective pest-proofing methods and materials to protect homes and businesses from rodents, birds, crawling insects and other pests.

Prevent entry

Make buildings pest-proof by filling small and large gaps using rodent-resistant materials, make doors rodent-proof with bristle strips and prevent entry to buildings via loading areas and roller doors with specially designed barriers.

Reduce damage

Pest-proofing using suitable materials can prevent damage caused by rodents and other pests, such as birds, including gnawing around pipes, cables and doors, damage from droppings and nesting materials, and eating stored food.

Reduce costs

Preventing pests from entering buildings and infestations from getting out of control by investing in proofing measures will avoid the future, high cost of eradication and repairing damage. This can include damage to reputation that can lead to loss of customers.

Effective pest-proofing solutions for your business

Our wide-ranging experience with customers in multiple business sectors, combined with our research and development capabilities, has enabled us to develop some of the most innovative and effective pest-proofing products for solving intractable pest problems. Below are three of our most recent solutions for protecting customer premises.

Flexi Armour dock leveller

Rentokil’s dock leveller is an advanced proofing solution to prevent rodents from entering premises around loading bays. Made from a combination of Kevlar and knitted steel mesh, the dock leveller is flexible enough to deal with the variations in dock leveller size, height and frequency of movement, while presenting an effective barrier to rodent activity and gnawing.

Pest proofing insights

Learn more about the areas around buildings that provide entry points to pests if no proofing measures are taken, the wide range of damage pests can cause to businesses and how proofing can benefit your business.


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Pest control services

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