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Pest proofing services

Pest-proofing stops infestations by eliminating vulnerable areas on your premises that allow pests to enter, nest and breed.

Pests can gain entry to buildings by taking advantage of gaps in structures from drains to doors, windows, around pipework and cables, vents and poorly fitting panels and roofing material. Rentokil can help keep your business free from infestation by implementing both preventative practices and suitable proofing solutions to block routes of entry.

We have over 95 years of experience in studying pest behaviour to provide customers with innovative control solutions. Rentokil’s Global research and development centre has developed the most effective pest-proofing methods and materials to safeguard homes and businesses from rodents, birds, crawling insects and other pests.

Entry prevention

Rentokil will fill gaps with rodent-resistant materials, ensure doors are rodent-proofed with bristle strips and further prevent entry via loading areas or roller doors with specially designed barriers.

Damage reduction

Effective pest proofing eliminates damage caused by rodents and other pests from gnawing pipes, cables and doors, damage from droppings, nesting materials and food contamination.

Cost reduction

Pre-emptive proofing will future-proof against the potentially high cost of eradication and damage repair. Preventative measures will also mitigate reputational damage to reputation which can, in turn, result in loss of trust and revenue.

Flexi Armour dock leveller

Rentokil’s dock leveller is an advanced proofing solution to prevent rodents from entering premises around loading bays. Made from a combination of Kevlar and knitted steel mesh, the dock leveller is flexible enough to deal with the variations in dock leveller size, height and frequency of movement, while presenting an effective barrier to rodent activity and gnawing.



Pest control for your home or small business

Operating in over 80 countries worldwide, Rentokil can manage and resolve your residential or commercial pest control needs.

Pest control for global businesses

Innovative pest control solutions, tailored to your needs, helping to protect your staff, customers, and brand reputation

Pest control innovation and expertise

Our Global research and development centre drives our industry-leading innovations for commercial pest control