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Pest control for global businesses

With over 90 years’ experience, Rentokil is the global leader in pest control, bringing expert, reliable and professional pest management services to commercial and residential customers in over 80 countries worldwide.

Innovative pest management

Committed to providing leading pest control solutions and unparalleled pest management services for commercial environments such as food processing facilities and hotels, our new Global Research and Development Centre brings science, innovation and technical expertise together to drive the development of new pest management solutions such as non-toxic pest control and IoT-enabled devices.

Our heritage of science and innovation since 1925 puts Rentokil at the forefront of world-leading capabilities to protect people and enhances lives; protecting public health, the environment and businesses from pest infestations and related illnesses.

Commercial pest control services

Rentokil offers a comprehensive range of commercial pest control solutions designed to effectively control and manage the risk of pests. Common pests include rodents, bed bugs, flies, stored product insects (SPIs), birds and other kinds of wildlife.

Each of our solutions offer commercial properties superior pest control to support legislative and auditing requirements, protect valuable goods and machinery and safeguard brand reputation.

Rentokil’s industry expertise

From food processing to facility management, we deliver sector specific insights across our network of global subject matter experts, demonstrate niche capabilities at a regional level and deliver effective local pest control to more than half a million customers worldwide.

Innovative pest control solutions, compliant with strict audit and legislation requirements - no matter what business you are in, we have a solution for you.



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