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Specialist sanitisation

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Specialist Sanitisation Services

Delivers a fast, professional and legally compliant service for your needs.  Our qualified technicians are equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment, respiratory protective equipment and specialist disinfection equipment to work safely and efficiently, helping you to take proactive steps to protect your staff, clients and surroundings


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Common Area Sanitisation

This comprehensive service includes a full sanitisation of common areas in your building, using a powerful surface sanitiser.  This may include large surface areas such as stairways, door frames etc.  As an additional step of protection, we will also include the manual wipe down sanitisation of common touch points of  door handles & light switches.

Specialist Touchpoint Cleaning Service

Additional service includes specialist touchpoint cleaning via an intensive surface wipe down, perfect for trolley handles, boardroom tables & seats, tills, ATM’s, hand rails etc.

Enhanced Workspace Hygiene

A specialised IT Sanitisation package, this includes a full sanitisation of each individual workstation -  desk, computer, keyboard, monitor, mouse and telephone.

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Why Rentokil specialist disinfection Service ?

With over 50 years’ experience, Rentokil is the global leader in pest management and mitigating the risk of contamination from pests. We bring expert, reliable and professional pest management services to commercial and residential customers in over 80 countries worldwide. Our heritage of science and innovation began in 1925 and continues to put Rentokil at the forefront of world-leading capabilities that protect people and enhances lives – protecting public health, the environment and businesses from pest infestations and related illnesses.

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